Wednesday, October 27, 2021

"Too often with the beauty doc" Fans shocked: Tom Cruise is hardly recognizable

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The Hollywood star is causing a lot of buzz on the net with his latest appearance. Because many fans had to look twice to recognize Tom Cruise. The reason for this is his completely changed facial features.

Over the weekend, Tom Cruise appeared at the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game against the San Francisco Giants. The Hollywood star mingled with fans with his son Connor, whom he adopted during his marriage to Nicole Kidman. A rare joint appearance of the two, which, however, quickly faded into the background.

Because all eyes were on the completely changed face of the actor. There was nothing to be seen of Tom Cruises once so distinctive features, especially his cheeks looked extremely puffy. In the social networks, the 59-year-old’s face causes a lot of ridicule and speculation.

“Ok, what happened to Tom Cruise? His face looks like a cartoon,” wonders a Twitter user. Others provide the first guesses at the same time. “It was probably stung by a bee – that can only be an allergic reaction,” believes one user. Another speculates that the Hollywood star’s wisdom teeth may have been removed.

Weight gain is also plausible for many. “He just ate a few hamburgers too many,” is one comment. Many users, however, are sure that Tom Cruise has undergone a cosmetic surgery. “Somebody at the Beauty-Doc had himself injected too often”, writes one user and finds: “That looks totally disfigured!”.

It is not known whether the actor was actually under the knife or the syringe to counteract the aging process. He will celebrate his 60th birthday in July next year.

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