Sunday, October 17, 2021

Tom Schwartz & Tom Sandoval confirm bar names with the launch of the whiskey brand

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The toms are finally on the same page.

Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval have agreed on the name of the bar they will open in the Franklin Village neighborhood of Los Angeles. The bar, which could open later this year, will have a name fans of the reality show Bravo have heard – and hated -.

“People have spoken and it’s unanimous,” Schwartz told Entertainment Tonight of the name featured on Vanderpump Rules earlier this season. “The public doesn’t like it, but we’re going to let them put up with it! As soon as you come and experience the experience of Schwartz and Sandy. “

“We are committed,” added Schwartz.

The audience – and the duo’s co-stars – have loudly voiced their contempt for the names of Schwartz and Sandy. Schwartz’s own wife, Katie Maloney, said, “I think it’s awful.”

During a recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live”, Schwartz and Sandoval were still taking naming suggestions despite saying Schwartz and Sandy’s name was “official”. At some point, moderator Andy Cohen Sandoval asked: “By the way, is your nickname Sandy?” He replied, “I don’t know,” via

A “Watch What Happens Live” poll found that most fans are not fans of the Schwartz and Sandy’s name for a supposedly hip bar. But Sandoval compared the nickname to that of a famous rock band.

“When I first heard the name Red Hot Chili Peppers, I thought, ‘That kind of sounds like a mariachi band,'” he told Us Weekly. “But now, after so many years – decades – the Red Hot Chili Peppers have established themselves as this band and this name is associated with them.”

Sandoval added that after opening TomTom, the duo’s West Hollywood bar, which they partnered with along with Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, they would like to continue to use our names in the name of the new house.

“So you don’t just get to know our first names. You get to know our last names. What really defines us, ”he said.

Vanderpump previously admitted she doesn’t love Schwartz and Sandy’s name, but revealed her own theory of bar naming.

“I think a place becomes a name like a baby becomes a name,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I think if you put something out there and say, ‘I’m considering calling my baby that …’ you are just going to get so many different opinions. I never really asked that. I’ve never really asked people’s opinions about anything I do. “

In addition to their new bar business, the Toms have put their names on a whiskey label. The Bravo Besties have unveiled Tom’s Good Lovin ‘whiskey brand in small batches. In an Instagram post, the two drink selections are described as “a nice port bourbon” and “rye, just the right flavor”.

Schwartz told the Daily Mail: “There’s ‘just one little kiss, one little elegant kiss’ at the port’s destination.

He also said that the name for the whiskey is simple as opposed to the bar name.

“I took a sip and thought, ‘Dude, that’s good love,'” he told Us weekly. “And he says,“ We ​​should call it that. ”The Vanderpump Rules star said the new whiskeys feel“ very warm and fuzzy ”.

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