Sunday, September 25, 2022

Tom Hardy surprises the crowd after secretly entering a local martial arts championship to defeat all opponents and win gold

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The Hollywood star showed off his skills with his toned physique and intricate tattoos as he showed up in a blue jiu-jitsu gi

MILTON KEYNES, ENGLAND: A month after competing in a jiu-jitsu competition, Tom Hardy again performed a similar stunt that surprised many onlookers when he secretly arranged to do so on Saturday September at a local school gym on the Attending fight 17. The ‘Venom’ star attended the UMAC Milton Keynes BJJ Open 2022, held at Oakgrove School, and managed to defeat all his opponents and eventually win gold.

The Hollywood star showed off his skills with his toned physique and intricate tattoos as he appeared in a blue jiu-jitsu gi, The Daily Mail reported. The 45-year-old actor, who wears a high-profile ground fighting blue belt, was later seen posing with his gold medal and a certificate that featured his full name, Edward Hardy. The ‘Mad Max’ star previously participated in a charity jiu-jitsu championship to raise money for military personnel dealing with mental and physical health issues.


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“Tom was a really nice guy”

According to The Daily Mail, event sponsor Sean Rosborough shared his experience saying: “He was brilliant. Lots of people came up to him asking for photos and he had no problem with that at all. The mothers were all over him. It didn’t bother him.” Tom Hardy’s final opponent in the competition, Andry Leatherland, told the publication after the match that he signed up after listing the actor’s real name, Edward Hardy, as a competitor. “I was thinking about the Milton Keynes tournament as it was very local. And then one morning — his name is Edward Hardy — I saw that he had actually signed up,” Leatherland said.

Of the actor, he said: “He was very focused when he was queuing. He brought the intensity that he brought to his film roles. He didn’t say a word, he didn’t say anything,” adding, “When it came to the match, you couldn’t help but notice it was him, but then it just became a contest.” About losing in the final Leatherland said, “I made a mistake and he capitalized on it. He absolutely nailed it and he substituted me on and it was over relatively quickly.”

Speaking about Tom’s performance at the event, one of his opponents, who asked to remain anonymous, told MKCitizen that he recognized Tom immediately and said he was “shocked” by Tom Hardy’s surprise appearance. He said: “Everybody knows who Tom Hardy is, right? I was shocked. He said ‘just forget it’s me doing what you normally would’. He’s a really strong guy. You wouldn’t believe it if he was a celebrity.” The renowned actor reportedly got into Brazilian jiu-jitsu while training for the film Warrior. In the film, he played the role of a former boxer who is training to become an MMA fighter.

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