Thursday, January 12, 2023

Tom Hanks invented his own cocktail — and it’s a bizarre combination

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Tom Hanks: Actor, Filmmaker, America’s Dad and Now Bartender? Like James Bond, Hanks is also associated with a cocktail. But unlike 007, who put his own spin on a classic drink, Hanks created his own creation. But the cocktail in question is a bit unorthodox. So, what is the alcoholic beverage made of and how did it come about? brown owl alum coming up with that?

while on The late show with Stephen Colbert, Hanks revealed his new cocktail was created while celebrating the winter holidays with his family. The Oscar winner admits he’s not a big drinker and usually sticks to Diet Cokes, even when he’s partying. Because Hanks has type 2 diabetes, he has to watch his sugar intake, so he sticks to diet pop instead of regular pop. However, since his family was celebrating with champagne, he got the idea of ​​pouring some champagne over his Diet Coke. While his family initially called it “crazy,” after tasting it, they had to admit that the cocktail was pretty good.

If you’re curious to try the cocktail yourself, Hanks also shared the recipe. Like most cocktails, the drink begins with a few ice cubes. Next you need to add your pop. For a rough measurement, the A man named Otto star explained that he was down to his last 1/3 can of Diet Coke before adding alcohol. While Hank’s favorite drink is Diet Coke, he shared that you can use any Coke product instead of just strictly sticking to Coca-Cola options. Next, add a splash of champagne and voila! You have Hanks’ signature cocktail.

While Colbert suggested naming the drink The Tom Hanks, the actor had already coined the drink something else. “We debated what the name should be and I came up with it,” Hanks shared. “Because it’s coke and champagne, it’s obviously diet coke.” The actor then formulated his unique cocktail, which is pronounced like diet cocaine. But while the filmmaker already had a nickname for the drink, he was open to naming it after him. When Colbert shared that they were drinking “The Tom Hanks,” Hanks joked, “Well, let’s get on with that!”

Hanks insisted that he and his family thought the drink was delicious. But after doing the Diet Cokagne on TV, Colbert endorsed it too. “Wow,” the TV host shared after sampling his first sip. He later added more details about what exactly made the cocktail pleasant to drink. “It’s weird, striking, embarrassingly good,” he admitted. “Because it’s so refreshing. You get that little caffeine too, man. Keeps you going through the champagne.”

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