Saturday, June 25, 2022

Tom Cruise’s fan service at the ‘Top Gun’ premiere shocked K-Pop on Twitter: ‘Is that Aegyo?’

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The ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ cast, including movie star Tom Cruise, are asked to show off their cute charms during the Korean premiere

While we’ve had Hollywood celebrities hilariously adjusting to the fan service in South Korea while promoting their films, no one was ready for one of the biggest action movie stars to do aegyo on the red carpet. On June 19, Tom Cruise went viral on K-pop Twitter for doing Aegyo while attending the Korean premiere of his latest movie, Top Gun: Maverick. We even had Korean paparazzi “Dispatch” create a TikTok version of Cruise where she did finger hearts and other popular K-pop poses for fans.

One of the most common fanservice acts that fans love and hate is Aegyo. It comes from babies making cute moves and has been adapted by the Korean entertainment industry for celebrities to show off their charms. This includes speaking in a baby voice or making cute gestures, such as B. making hearts with your hands or making peace signs. And while some K-pop fans find it crass when grown men are asked to do it, it didn’t stop reporters from asking Tom Cruise to show off his aegyo as well. The ‘Top Gun’ star, along with his co-stars Miles Teller, Greg Tarzan Davis and Glen Powell, were asked to make several hearts at the premiere.

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From the face heart to the usual finger heart, Tom Cruise has complied. He also ended up doing the currently trending “gyaru” sign, which is the upside-down peace sign. The video has now amassed a whopping 2.5 million views as even locals found it. Fans made hilarious memes and edits of the clip, eventually causing the phrase “Aegyo” to become trending on Twitter worldwide. One K-pop fan tweeted, “DID NOT KNOW WHAT I WAS EXPECTING WHEN I SAW ‘AEGYO’ TREND… but it most certainly wasn’t.”

Tom Cruise does Aegyo

One fan commented, “All those ‘what if western artists did aegyo’ tweets manifesting this shit y’all owe us a handwritten apology.” Another said, “I’m still laughing because someone said this was NCT Hollywood practicing Aegyo.” One fan wrote, “God the men you brought to this earth make aegyo for money.” Another shared, “Finally crossed my mind watching Tom Cruise make aegyo off my bucket list.” One said: “Took up Huening Kai Academy for aegyo and fan service.”

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