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Todd and Julie Chrisley’s first day in prison: From strip searches to getting ID cards, here’s a look

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PENSACOLA, FLORIDA: ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ stars Todd and Julie Chrisley reported themselves to their respective federal prisons on Tuesday, January 17, as they begin their combined sentences of nearly two decades. Ahead of Todd Chrisley’s arrival in prison, he gave his fans a final goodbye with a video on Instagram that referenced his faith. “HE is always on time,” he captioned the post along with the hashtag “#fightthegoodfight.” However, the video cannot be viewed after gospel musician Karen Peck’s singing of “Four Days Late” was banned in the United States.

Additionally, upon arriving at their jails on Tuesday, Todd, 53, appeared to be covering his face with a pillow while surrendering at Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola, Fla., to serve out his 12-year sentence. His wife Julie, 49, was joined by her tearful father Harvey Hughes for her sentencing to a seven-year sentence at the Federal Medical Center (FMC) in Lexington, Kentucky. The two federal prisons are convicted of, among other things, tax fraud, wire fraud and tax evasion.


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What is Todd and Julie Chrisley’s first day in prison like?

On the first day, upon arrival, the couple had to undergo a “thorough strip search” and a “full-body X-ray.” First, Todd and Julie were “scanned, searched and photographed” and given “a brown bagged meal or a meal tray from the dining room.” Her strip search included a visual inspection of the mouth, hair, ears and genitals. “This could be a person’s first experience of squatting and coughing,” revealed Bureau of Prisons documents made available to HollywoodLife. In addition, “all new arrivals receive a full-body X-ray scan, strip search, fingerprints and photos.”

Todd and Julie once lived a life of luxury in their massive mansion in Nashville, Tennessee while boasting they spent $300,000 on clothes in a year. However, her new lifestyle and clothes are not fancy and it may take the couple some time to get used to it. New inmates “receive their R&D (release and release) attire, which includes a white or tan t-shirt, socks, elastic-waisted bus pants, and a pair of slip-on shoes. People wear their R&D clothes until they finish a set of institutional clothes, usually from the laundry,” the handbook says.

Once the couple has received their clothes, they undergo the procedures to obtain their identity cards, which they must carry with them at all times throughout their stay. They are subjected to a “fingerprint and photograph process to obtain their prison card,” which is a plastic photo ID with their name and registration number, eye color, height and weight.

The couple undergoes a medical and psychological evaluation, during which “the medical staff (usually a nurse or physician’s assistant) of the health service unit conduct a brief interview with each newcomer to document the person’s general physical health,” according to the admissions records. “A psychiatrist conducts a brief interview with each newcomer to assess their overall mental health status.”

Todd and Julie will be assigned an advisor who will give them a brief description of their residency and what to expect during their tenure. In addition, they are made aware of the prison’s amenities and services — “what the prison offers in terms of education, programming, work assignments and recreation,” according to the handout. “Upon admission, Special Investigative Supervisor (SIS) personnel should determine if there is any reason (other than medical or psychological) why an individual should not be part of the general population.” After that, they will be sent to their respective placement order behind bars, where they will spend the rest of the sentence.

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