Monday, June 27, 2022

TLC “Small People, Big World”: Fans dub Matt “master manipulator” for failing to sell a farm to Zach

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“I’m sorry but Matt can just die on the farm…if you can’t deal with your own son…#lpbw your greedy 1,” one fan wrote

There is some sort of discussion between Matt Roloff and Zach Roloff about the 30 acres on the north side of the farm, as shown in the TLC promo for Little People, Big World. Everyone in Season 23 of Little People, Big World seems to revolve around the same theme in the first episode.

According to Zach and Tori, they wanted to raise their children on the farm, specifically on the north side, which includes a forest, a creaky area, the mansion castle, and the cowboy area. Matt, on the other hand, only wanted to give Zach 15 acres of land so he could handle it easily. Not only that, but there’s also the question of money, as Matt doesn’t seem to appreciate what Zach and Tori are offering him. Here are fan reactions to the farming gap between father and son.


Here’s what fans have to say about it. “Matt ruins everythinggggggg #lpbw” “Dude, you couldn’t give your kid a lower price than the market. Come on. #LPBW,” read one tweet. Another said: “#LPBW #littlepeoplebigworld #rolofffarms For years Matt talked about starting a family farm as a legacy, but ultimately he made his decisions… Caryn about Amy and his family, money about his kids, their families, that supposed legacy and Matt laughs end up like a maniac troll.” Another added, “Dude. Screw your reviews. He’s your son. You don’t overdo your own kid and put them in a position where they can’t afford it. #LPBW .”

One fan tweeted: “I’ve been saying it for years and now it’s plain to see. Matt is a master manipulator. He enriched himself with his family and now wants to do it again. What kind of man tries to cup his own child? #LPBW ” Another said: “Why did Zach want his dad to be upset that he was moving? He’s as manipulative as his mother. #LPBW.” One fan said, “I’m sorry but Matt can just die on the farm…if you can’t deal with your own son….#lpbw your greedy 1”.

One fan added, “Matt wanted to quit the show because he wanted more money from TLC. Are we really surprised he’s money hungry and now he’s doing it to his kids? He ruined the Roloff legacy. And at what price? His family. #LittlePeopleBigWorld #Roloff #LPBW” Another chimed in: “You’re selling to your FAMILY if you don’t recognize the family first then you’re the problem… Idk I don’t like Caryn either… something’s wrong. . she has to go lol #LPBW”

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