Tuesday, January 24, 2023

‘This is creepy’: Alec Baldwin slammed ‘sexually suggestive references’ about son and wife for the caption

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A recent Instagram post by Alec Baldwin, which featured his son alongside his wife Hilaria Baldwin, has come under scrutiny. This was the 64-year-old’s first Instagram post after he was charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting incident on the set of the movie Rust.

Alec’s followers thought the caption he wrote for the post was “weird,” and they were stunned. The ‘It’s Complicated’ star shared a precious snapshot of his young son patting his mother Hilaria’s shoulders as they sat on their living room floor. “The old ‘let me rub your back’ trick. Potato chips to follow,” the caption read. This post was shared just hours after Boston-born Hilaria was mocked for speaking with an “offensive” Spanish accent as she implored photographers to stay away from her children after Alec was accused of accidentally killing Halyna Hutchins to have.


New Mexico law does NOT allow Alec Baldwin to be charged with filming ‘Rust’ director Joel Souza

Another follower wrote: “Does anyone else think the caption is creepy? The picture is cute. The caption makes it weird.” A third follower commented, “First post after being charged with manslaughter and you post a sexually suggestive comment about your child. This guy has a screw loose. Or five.”

Alec’s caption was mocked by another user, who remarked, “The old ‘look it’s me…innocent Alec Baldwin’ trick.” Correcting Alec, this other follower wrote, “Alec. The back massage ‘trick’ is a joke between adults, not mother/son, omg google or something. Someone please tell him!😂”

Others implored the father-of-eight to stop being “problematic” and using social media at the moment. However, there were others who believed the caption was innocent and thought her son was merely bribing his mother with the promise of “ice cream after 9 p.m.”

On Thursday, January 19, Alec was charged with killing cameraman Hutchins in a “negligent homicide” incident. Joel Souza, the director of the movie “Rust,” was also injured by the same bullet, but Alec was not charged with the violent act because prosecutors said he had no intention of firing the bullet.

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