Wednesday, January 18, 2023

‘This is crazy’: outrage after video shows gunfire erupting at Del City High School during basketball game

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DEL CITY, OKLAHOMA: A shootout appears to have started during a YouTube live broadcast of a high school basketball game at Del City High. After the boy’s basketball game against Millwood High School, police were called to Del City High and informed that shots had been fired.

When two shots were fired by a spectator in the crowd near the end of the game, the audience who heard them ran towards the shelter. Since the entire game was streamed live on YouTube, the ordeal by fire was also recorded. In the video, the commentators could be seen taking cover under the table and fans could be heard screaming and running in a pack behind the two announcers. It was difficult to identify the perpetrator as there were more than 500 spectators in the stadium at the time of the incident.


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A Del City major said the shots were fired both inside and outside the stadium. One man was taken to hospital, his current condition is unknown.

Del City High School released a statement that said, “After the boy’s basketball game against Millwood High School was completed, a fight ensued and shots were fired at the field house. The Del City Police Department is on site investigating the incident. We have made the decision to move to a virtual learning day on Wednesday 18th January. We will continue to update our families as more information becomes available,” said KOCO.

The internet was deluged with the news and prayers were sent to all the people and children who witnessed this horrific ordeal. One user wrote: “This is crazy too many kids and families in the gym. Come on guys, we gotta do better. I pray no one was hurt.” Another user said, “I am praying for the families in Millwood and Del City, Oklahoma. A terrible, terrible situation that is a problem in our country. Children shouldn’t be afraid to play basketball.” One user concerned for people’s well-being wrote, “I hope everyone is safe.”

One user wrote: “WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN IN THIS COUNTRY??? PEOPLE CANNOT SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS PEACEFULLY? The perpetrators of this type of violence should be sentenced to life imprisonment.” Another user said, “Sorry. Never worry about something like this happening.” One tweet read, “Praying that person makes it.” Another user wrote, “Hoping everyone is okay and they catch whoever is responsible.”

The whole incident created an atmosphere of fear and chaos among the students and their parents. No further information about the incident was available and police urged anyone with knowledge or witnesses to come forward and tell them.

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