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‘The Young and the Restless’: Michelle Stafford takes offense when people say she’s ‘just like Phyllis’

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The young and the restless stars Michelle Stafford as Phyllis Summers, one of the main characters of the series. Over the course of 28 years, fans have seen Phyllis play both the vixen and heroine roles. Although Stafford’s role made her a star and garnered her many accolades, there’s one bad thing about it — fans often think the actor is like the character she plays.

Like many others The young and the restless, Phyllis Summers has changed a lot over the years. Initially, she was portrayed as a villain who worked to destroy Christine Blair and Danny Romalotti’s relationship. Almost 30 years later, she’s still one of the program’s most popular but problematic characters.

Michelle Stafford is adept at portraying both the bad and the good Phyllis, but says she feels more at home in her “scheming” role. Stafford explained in an interview with Soaps that she often injects elements of Phyllis’ bad girl side into a scene.

“When I’m doing a romantic story, I’m trying to bring something different under the surface. Because for me – and that’s just me – it can be a bit boring,” the actor explained.

Michelle Stafford appeared first on The young and the restless in October 1994 and became an instant fan favorite. Phyllis is the bad girl of the city of Genoa. Fans have watched Phyllis’ conspiracy and murder for more than two decades. Stafford does an excellent job playing Phyllis and making viewers loathe her. However, their actions can be too effective.

Over the years, the actress has said she thinks it’s crazy how fans associate her with her character Phyllis. During a virtual chat for the Michael Fairman Channel on YouTube, Stafford and her co-stars Melody Thomas Scott and Eileen Davidson chatted with Michael Fairman about their recent history and Y&R’s 50th Anniversary Season.

During the discussion, Fairman asked the actors to discuss their connection with their fans. He asked, “Because the show is so iconic and the fan reaction to each of you, whether you’re on social media or doing something in person, what do you think of how that connection with you and your audience has been?”

Stafford replied: “Sometimes Phyllis is not a good person. I mean, really, she’s not.” Stafford went on to say that unlike Phyllis, she doesn’t yell at people. So she doesn’t take it as a compliment to be compared to the character. The actor said, “If I’m out and someone says, ‘You’re just like Phyllis,’ I don’t take it as a compliment.”

Though Michelle Stafford believes she’s not as manipulative as her on-screen persona, she does acknowledge that the two women share some similarities. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, the actor said that of all things The young and the restless Characters, Phyllis is most like her and Abby Newman is least.

According to Stafford, one of the reasons she can relate to Phyllis is that they are both the center of attention everywhere. The actor said: “I would say I am most like Phyllis because we look alike and she is having a fantastic time. I’m not a big driver, but I would go to a bar with Phyllis.”

As for why she can’t relate to Abby, Stafford said it’s because Abby is so concerned about how she looks and has trouble with rich girls. Love her or hate her, Phyllis keeps things alive in Genoa City.

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