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‘The Wheel of Time’ Episode 4: Fans Say Nynaeve ‘kills’ with BIG pull in the ending scene

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‘I got so much chills tonight watching #nynaeve. I will probably watch this scene non-stop for the rest of my life, “wrote one user

Amazon Prime Video has just released the fourth episode of ‘The Wheel of Time’ and the fantasy series has fans asking for more after each episode. The show follows Moiraine as she takes a journey with potential humans who could be the dragon reborn to the White Tower.

Spoiler for ‘The Wheel of Time’ Episode 4 ‘The Dragon Reborn’

The reborn dragon has the power to shape or destroy the future, depending on which side it chooses. Moiraine Damodred (Rosamund Pike) searches for four potential candidates, but they are separated after being attacked by the forces of the Dark. But the appearance of a new candidate has the potential to shake up the situation. Read on to learn what happened to a character and how fans reacted to the epic reveal.

‘The Wheel of Time’ Season 1 Episode 1: Does Moiraine Know Who The Chosen One Is?

In the third episode of ‘The Wheel of Time’, Nynaeve al’Meara (Zoë Robins) survived and tracked down Moiraine and Lan Mandragoran (Daniel Henney). She is a wisdom, also known as a healer, whose power has not yet been revealed. The fourth episode saw her camp along with the Aes Sedai and their guards with their connection to Lan while chatting with the group at night. Logain Ablar (Alvaro Morte), a man who uses the One Power and claims to be the reborn dragon, also appeared in the episode. The sisters of the Aes Sedai struggle to maintain their shield and contain it with its immense and unknown power that is draining them.

Towards the end, Logain successfully overthrows the shield, causing an ax to split into pieces, which are violently tossed away. One of these pieces cuts Lan’s throat, who begins to bleed, while the Aes Sedai are also cut. In her moment of desperation seeing Lan die, Nynaeve suddenly unleashes a blinding light and channels the One Force that heals everyone within her reach, including Lan. Moiraine, who had told Logain moments ago that he was a false dragon and that his power is like faint candlelight compared to the light of the dragon, which is like a scorching sun, sees the man whose power is being taken from this representation stunned.

The ending scene, in which Nynaeve is identified as another potential Dragon Reborn, was extremely cool as she looked like a complete badass at that moment. Fans, who watched closely, loved to see the power of the lady and went to Twitter to express their love and awe for her.

One fan commented: “I’ve already watched episode 4 again. I cried almost as hard as the first time. This last shot of her SLAYS ME #TheWheelOfTime #Nynaeve”. One tweet read, “I get so many chills tonight when I see #nynaeve. I will probably #TheWheelOfTime see this scene nonstop for the rest of my life”. Another user said, “I love Nynaeve, such a boss loved episode 4 #TheWheelofTime”.

Another of the tweets read: “IT’S REALLY ALL ABOUT THE LITTLE THINGS. That’s it. ALWAYS WATCH THE LAST SCENE FOREVER IN FRONT OF FORCE AND LOVE. I fucking love Nynaeve. I’ve also still read the books as my number 1 in the first place. Don’t even try me or @me. #nynaeve #TheWheelOfTime #TwitterOfTime “. One viewer commented:” This is now a #Nynaeve Stan account. I won’t answer any questions at the moment. #TheWheelofTime “. Another fan said:” THAT’S NYNAEVE BLOODY AL’MEARA Y ‘ ALLES!!!!!!! LIKE A RACING SUN !!!!!!!!!!! #TheWheelOfTime #nynaeve “.

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