Thursday, December 2, 2021

“The Voice”: The tearful Kelly Clarkson calls herself an “idiot” for failing to save Jershika Maple

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Jershika delivered a strong performance in King & Country’s “God Only Knows” and received a standing ovation from all four coaches

Jershika Maple is a season 21 contestant for “The Voice,” which judges Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Ariana Grande fought for with the intent to keep her on their respective teams. The native Texas native’s newest set during the top 13 appearances on Monday November 15 proved why she’s here for the long haul when Kelly Clarkson revealed how she regretted not saving her during the fights.

Jershika delivered a strong performance in King & Country’s ‘God Only Knows’ and earned a standing ovation from all four coaches. Kelly Clarkson and John Legend stood together during their performance when Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton later joined them. Kelly Clarkson got so emotional that she couldn’t control her tears. Jershika dedicated her latest performance to her teachers who saw her true potential. Social media users were too stunned after Jershika’s set as many claimed she would make it to the finals.

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Jershika Maple showed her vocal skills to make it into the top 11. As she finished her performance, we could see Kelly get tears in her eyes. After her set, Kelly jokingly referred to herself as an “idiot” for failing to save Jershika during the rounds of combat. For the uninitiated, the 25-year-old pop singer originally came from Team Kelly, but lost the fight round against Paris Winningham. Both Ariana Grande and John Legend tried to steal her, but she eventually selected Team John to continue the rest of the journey on the show.

Kelly Clarkson calls herself an “idiot” for failing to save Jershika Maple

The Voice fans logged on to Twitter to praise Jershika, where a majority believed she would win the show. “I’m just waiting for Jershika to win this thing … Hoping I’m not the only one who sees she blows us off every gig. Each of them, “said one fan while another shared,” This young lady has made me cry for the past 2 weeks. I say @Jershikajmaple is the winner. I can’t wait until next week. “

One user tweeted, “That was Ministry. May hands went up too, John. Kelly, my eyes were sweating too. Great job Jershika. ”Another claimed,“ People are hyping Wendy as if Jershika doesn’t exist, she’s so powerful she should win ”. The next one said: “Jershika did a fantastic job. It was really an emotional achievement. Loved it. Love God all praise. ”And one added:“ Jershika always makes me feel what she is singing. Love her. She’s another one who has to be in the final. ”One concluded,“ Jershika will make it to the final. I said what I said. “

‘The Voice’ season 21 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PT / ET on NBC.

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