Monday, September 26, 2022

The Voice season 22: Fans call Blake Shelton ‘an idiot’ after an ‘inappropriate’ joke about Camila Cabello’s outfit

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“Does your flower sprout? Is it a sparkling flower?’ asked Shelton Cabello in Episode 1, referring to the pink flower at the neckline of her top

Legendary singing reality show The Voice is back on NBC with a bang. The first episode of season 22 aired on September 19, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET. While the competition showcases the best singers and performers each year, no season is ever free of controversy. This time it looks like the drama started with a climax as early as Episode 1.

As it happened during the episode, Blake Shelton tried to unbalance new coach Camila Cabello and wanted to show his competitiveness. The singer tried to catch Camila off guard by trying to intimidate her. Blake deliberately tried to make fun of Camila Cabello’s ensemble outfit on day one. She wore a black dress with a puff sleeve blouse underneath and complemented the look with a pink flower at the neckline of her bodice.


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After Camila recounted Blake’s conversation with the cameraman about strategies to win the show, Blake sarcastically asked, “Is it your puff sleeves? Is that a pirate shirt?” Camila took it sporty and exclaimed, “Arghh!”. However, Blake took it a step further, adding: “Does your flower squirt? Is it a sparkling flower?”

But he soon realized he had crossed a line, saying, “Sounds weird when I put it that way. Almost inappropriate, obnoxious.” Camila felt uncomfortable as well and quickly told him, “That’s what I wanted to say. Very inappropriate.”

Devoted ‘The Voice’ fans were furious with coach Blake Shelton and showed their flesh on Twitter. Many agreed that this was not the way to behave towards Camila, even jokingly.

“@Camilacabello #TheVoice Hey Camila, tell Blake he’s an idiot. Drive him nuts and he won’t focus on the speakers. Take him out,” said one fan. “Blake and Camila’s banter will definitely be a highlight of this season for me #thevoice,” shared another. “Did Blake Shelton just ask Camila Cabello if her flower sprayed? They both died! #thevoice #BlakeShelton #CamilaCabello,” one fan remarked. “@Camila_cabello #TheVoice lol Squirty Flower like the Three Stooges! Lol Blake called you a clown bringing back classic comedy!” someone claims. Blake: Is your flower squirting? Is that a spray flower?” Camila: “….. “Yes, Blake, that *was* an inappropriate question…” someone explained.

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