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The Voice season 21: Who is Sadie Bass? Fans Joke About Blake Shelton, Saying ‘I Can’t Believe Gwen Stole Her From You’

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“I’m really proud of Sadie for overcoming her stage fright with her blind casting,” commented one fan

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: It’s hard for those who are stage scared to get on stage and sing a song in front of hundreds of thousands of people. But you have to do it when you have such a great opportunity to appear on The Voice. Michigan singer Sadie Bass is one of those who is afraid to perform on stage. However, she faced her fear on the show and eventually came out of her comfort zone. Sadie sang “Stupid Boy”.

Sadie’s family cheered for her at the back of the stage. While her father, who often gets too emotional when performing his daughter, was filled with tears as two of the judges pressed the red buzzer. At first Sadie didn’t seem to get a red buzzer. But after a few minutes of analysis, Gwen Stefani turned her chair over. And in no time Blake Shelton turned around too. After the song ended, Sadie gasped and said, “Oh my god! I literally passed out.” Read on to find out who Sadie chose to coach.


Who is Sadie Bass?

25-year-old Sadie is from Michigan and later moved to Nashville. She is a singer and author. However, she is not a great performer. Sadie considers herself an introvert who has trouble getting on stage. However, she knows that it is high time for her to step out of her comfort zone. The singer believes The Voice is the platform that could help her overcome her fears and secure her future. Sadie is sure the show will be a big boost to her career even if she doesn’t win. People all over the world will get to know her voice and that would definitely open doors for her in the music industry. Sadie says: “Up until now I’ve done it alone so to be able to do something like this means a lot and will get me a lot of exposure.” The singer also recently released her new single called ‘Holy Ground’.

Gwen and Blake both turned their chairs over for Sadie. Blake pitched his part, but Sadie seems to have bonded more with Gwen. The ‘Happy Anywhere’ singer’s father is from Michigan, just like Sadie. That’s how the 25-year-old singer knew Gwen understood how hard it was for her to be who she is now. So she chose Gwen over Blake.

One fan showered love on Sadie for showing courage on stage. “I’m really proud of Sadie for overcoming her stage fright with her blind audition. That took a lot of courage. #TheVoice #VoicePremiere,” wrote one of The Voice fanatics. However, it seemed that some of them didn’t think Blake would lose Sadie because of Gwen. One commented: “I really didn’t think the jury would pick Sadie – but she got Blake and Gwen to pick her (but Sadie is the kind of artist I think would vote for the # AmericanSongContest would be even better than for #TheVoice) — but kudos to her for overcoming her stage fright #VoicePremiere. A few fans joked about Blake, saying: “Lost Sadie Bass to your wife! @blakeshelton #TheVoice.” Another stunned wrote, “@blakeshelton #TheVoice Blake you gotta fight harder I can’t believe Gwen stole Sadie from you!”

The Voice season 21 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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