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The Voice season 21: Who is Kevin Hawkins? R&B singer who wowed the judges also teaches middle school piano

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Hawkins was praised by the judges for exuding confidence with his incredible singing during his performance on the audition round of The Voice

It’s very rare on The Voice that a singer doesn’t get an introduction before the performance. But it seems Kevin Hawkins didn’t need one as his performance proved just how good he was. The stage was completely dark and the audience didn’t see Hawkins’ face for the first few seconds of his performance. Soon he had everyone cheering with his incredible voice. And in no time at all, all four chairs turned around.

Gwen Stefani was the first to flip her chair, which is rare. She even stopped John Legend from getting Hawkins. In fact, the battle between the three judges was in progress. Hawkins held back his tears after seeing all four judges turn their chairs. To get him on Team Blake, Blake Shelton played the Oklahoma card. On the other hand, Gwen pitched her part and explained why she blocked John by saying, “I just want to make sure you have the right coach.” Camila Cabello was impressed with Hawkins’ tone and bold performance. Read on to find out who he chooses to be his trainer.


Who is Kevin Hawkins?

Kevin Hawkins is from Dallas, Texas. He teaches piano to 7th-8th graders in middle school. He is an R&B artist with a released track entitled “All Night Long”. The singer grew up in a musical family. His mother was one of the singers in the church choir. In an interview with Hip Hop Weekly, Hawkins revealed that he was inspired by artists like Usher and Beyonce. He explained that when he saw her perform on stage, he realized this was the career he wanted to pursue.

Hawkins exuded confidence and style with his bold voice during his performance on the audition round of The Voice. He had a hard time deciding between three judges, but seemed to have already made up his mind. He chose Team Blake. Shortly after Hawkins settled on Blake, the judges began teasing him that they would later steal Hawkins from him. Hawkins appeared loyal to his judge and said he would stay with him for as long as possible.

Fans wondered why Gwen stopped John from pitching Hawkins to join his team. Gwen didn’t add him to her team, but fans think John Hawkins might have gotten it if he hadn’t been blocked. “@johnlegend #TheVoice it sucks you got blocked by Kevin but fight rounds are your chance to steal him,” one fan wrote after watching Hawkins’ performance. Another comforted John: “@johnlegend #TheVoice You got mugged!!! You and Kevin would have been a great partnership. #BooGwen.”

Some fans cheered Kevin too loudly. Some believe that not only will he win the show, but he will also become a star. “Wow!!!! I didn’t see that coming. Not only is Kevin Hawkins going to win #TheVoice, he’s going to be a fucking star!!!! Do you hear me? #VoicePremiere,” tweeted one fan.

In addition, fans know that before the competition there will be a theft of participants from different teams. Therefore, there is an opportunity for John to later bring Kevin into his team. “If the thefts start, John might have a chance to steal Kevin. However, I doubt Blake will let Kevin go. #TheVoice #VoicePremiere #VoiceBlinds,” said another fan. We’ll have to wait and see if Hawkins changes teams during the competition.

The Voice season 21 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8:7c on NBC.

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