Saturday, November 27, 2021

“The Voice”: Holly Forbes leaves Ariana Grande emotional, fans say she is “hypnotizing”

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Ariana Grande liked the song Holly picked for her top 13 performance because it showed her a softer side

Ariana Grande has a ton of talented singers on season 21 of The Voice, but we really wonder if there’s someone like Holly Forbes. The singer serenaded the coaches with her soulful performance straight from the blind auditions and she continued the ritual during the top 13 performances that aired on Monday November 15th.

In the previous episode, we saw Holly get emotional when she cracked the top 13 of the top 20. While sticking to the dedication theme for the latest episode, Team Ariana member selected Garth Brooks’ song “The Dance” and dedicated it to her stepmother because she was always there for her no matter what. Ariana Grande and Holly Forbes were spotted backstage bonding over the track as the former gave them advice on how to step up their performance to climb into the top 11.

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Holly Forbes leaves Ariana Grande emotional

On the singer’s set for the Top 13, Blake Shelton said her rendition of “The Dance” was great and easy. “You just kept it simple and poured out your heart,” Blake said. He added that the song changed Garth Brooks’ career and all of country music. Ariana agreed with Blake’s comments, claiming that her portrayal was special. The global pop icon concluded, “What you do every time is in your league and in your own world.” For the inexperienced, two candidates will return home in the next episode, regardless of which team they belong to.

Holly Forbes has already managed to earn a new army of fans from the day she auditioned for the singing reality show. Her fans took to Twitter to discuss their latest set, where one of them said, “Girls, you keep getting better and better. you sang one of my favorites tonight and I was in TEARS. You deserve to win this whole thing. EVERYONE VOTES FOR HOLLY !!! “Another wrote:” Holly great job tonight, you were perfect. “

One user claimed, “Holly got the job done,” while another broke in, “Holly sang a song I’ve personally heard over a million times and I still have tears.” Meanwhile, one person shared, “Look at how Holly is performing as usual.” And another said, “Holly sings Garth Brooks? Oh, it’s targeting the demographic heart of The Voice right. ”While one concluded,“ Holly Forbes sings the country song with so much soul and tells the story. She tries to hypnotize us. “

‘The Voice’ season 21 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PT / ET on NBC.

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