Wednesday, December 8, 2021

‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton praises Ariana Grande for Jim, Sasha’s incredible top 13 act

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Jim and Sasha Allen sang their interpretation of Sir Elton John’s “Your Song” and impressed the trainers with their soulful harmonies

The father-son duo Jim and Sasha Allen from Season 21 of ‘The Voice’ have faced a lot of heat from the Internet since completing their blind auditions. The fans of the singing reality show were pissed off that they would be saved every time a deserving candidate is evicted. In the latest episode, the duo landed on stage for their top 13 performance and managed to impress the audience for a change.

Jim and Sasha Allen sang their interpretation of Sir Elton John’s “Your Song” and impressed the trainers with their soulful harmonies. Sticking to the theme of the episode, Jim and Sasha dedicated their latest set to 26-year-old cousin Stephanie, who recently passed away. Ariana Grande, who had informed her during rehearsals, looked hypnotized during her performance as she praised her with a standing ovation. Blake Shelton added that the father and son duo had improved dramatically while paying tribute to Ariana for her smooth performance.


Blake praises Ariana for the incredible performance of Jim and Sasha

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Sticking to their low-key folk tunes, Jim and Sasha Allen easily managed to serenade the coaches. While speaking to the camera backstage, Ariana said, “I know it’s been a long time since a duo got this far on the show. I really hope they are the ones who go all the way. America, listen. “After she finished her performance, Blake looked at her journey and said,” I’d say I’ve seen the greatest strides, the greatest improvements since the start of this season. ” [in you]. “He added,” I’m telling you last week was amazing and this week you did it again. “

Blake Shelton then praised Ariana Grande, saying she did a good job as a trainer. The latter also shared her opinion after the duo’s set, which focused on how they approach “those great songs” that they “so fearlessly” choose. She added, “You do it so beautifully and so carefully and so gorgeous every time. I am so touched by you and I hope America is right for both of you.

Social media users have also noticed their improvement compared to the last few weeks. “I want Jim and Sasha Allen to win this season of #TheVoice,” said one fan while another posted, “I was blown the most by Jim & Sasha Allen tonight !! I had chills and tears! #The voice “. While praising the duo, another added,” I will not tolerate hatred of Jim and Sasha. They did a great job. “However, one had a different view:” Can we all agree on that Should Jim and Sasha and Ryleigh go? “

“You are super talented! but it’s sad that they made it further than bella denapoli and katie rae, “tweeted one user, while another interfered:” It was very nicely designed. Jim reminded me of the guy from Moulan Rouge and Sasha really got into his voice and really knocks me out! ” The next one said, “This was probably her best performance yet, it was so comforting and made me close my eyes and enjoy the music. Sasha will do it!” And one concluded, “I love her story. I don’t love their performances. They obviously like to sing together, but their voices are not strong. “

‘The Voice’ season 21 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PT / ET on NBC.

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