Sunday, October 17, 2021

‘The Voice’ Battles: Ariana Grande chooses Katie Rae and saves Bella DeNapoli

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Ariana Grande has proven she is a wonderful mentor after picking her favorite contender from the fight, but also made sure to save her other singer

Season 21 of ‘The Voice’ wraps up with the Blind Auditions and with six episodes it was finally time to showcase the bouts where two candidates from each team pitted against each other to advance to the next round . Interestingly, the fights give judges an opportunity to either rescue or steal right after each performance.

Ariana Grande, looking well-equipped for her very first fight on ‘The Voice’, brought her first two singers, Katie Rae and Bella DeNapoli, and decided to take them off with the song ‘No More Tears (Enough is Enough)’ test Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer. Ariana brought in her close friend and advisor, Kristin Chenoweth, as a mentor to help her first two contestants in the fight improve their skills.

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Ariana and Kristin shared their opinions and suggestions before Katie and Bella took the stage for the very first fight of the season. After a powerful performance on the song “No More Tears (Enough is Enough)”, Ariana got emotional as it was her very first experience of witnessing the battles on the singing reality show. While Bella strived for the higher notes, Katie impressed the judges with rich and powerful belts.

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Social media users loved how the battles began with two incredible singers. “Damn! I like these two! Why did she have to play them off against each other?!?!”, Said one user, while another posted: “Wow, the spoilers were wrong, I thought Bella won and Katie was stolen. Me personally thought Bella won that too. “The next claimed,” Bella, Katie. wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! There’s really nothing to criticize about an incredibly beautiful performance like the two of you today. It was very nice. You never hear that kind of classic legendary iconic voices these days, but you two did it! “

Another user shared: “Ariana had no choice but to get both back because that accomplishment was insane.” One user added, “I started crying when Katie started singing! My face got goose bumps! Lol. “One user concluded,” I have no words … they were sooo amazing !!! ariana can be proud of a lot. “

‘The Voice’ season 21 airs every Monday and Tuesday on NBC.

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