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The Voice 2022: Who is Orlando Mendez? “Cuban Cowboy,” 26, sparks a fight between Blake Shelton and Camila Cabelo

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Orlando chose Beer Never Broke My Heart for his appearance on The Voice, and Camila was the first coach to reach out for him

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Blake Shelton may be an eight-time champion on ‘The Voice,’ but the OG trainer/judge may have to watch out for his new fellow trainer/judge – Camila Cabello. Although Season 22 is her first stint as a coach on the singing competition show, Camila appears to be armored with all the strategic tactics to get the talented up-and-coming singers onto her team Camila, particularly the four-chair turnaround candidates!

After adding Morgan Myles, the first four-chair contestant, to her team, Camila picked up her second win when she managed to get her Miami-based Cuban-American singer, Orlando Mendez, to join Team Camila. The ‘Havana’ singer thought it was a huge win considering Orlando, a self-proclaimed ‘Cuban Cowboy’/country singer, chose her over country legend Blake! If you’re curious to learn more about Orlando and what made him choose Camila over Blake, then we’ve got you covered.


Who is Orlando Mendez?

Orlando is a 26-year-old self-proclaimed Cuban cowboy from Miami, Florida. As a Cuban, Orlando grew up immersed in culture, listening to reggaeton and salsa. But during middle school, Orlando was drawn to country music, and he felt that the narrative aspect of the genre appealed to him. So he eventually formed a band and started performing country songs.
The band became an instant hit. If you’re wondering how Orlando got its cool nickname, you can thank one of its very creative viewers for that. The 26-year-old told how someone from the audience called out “Cuban Cowboy” to him during one of his performances. The singer was immediately hooked and decided to stick with it. His mom Larissa joked about how the family went from salsa dancing to two-step! The 26-year-old said he wanted to show the world what a Cuban cowboy from Miami could do by joining The Voice.

Before taking the stage for ‘The Voice’ for his audition, Orlando explained how difficult it would be for him to choose between Blake and Camila if both talented musicians chose him. While Blake’s status as a country legend is a big factor, Camila is a hometown pop star and connects to his history, which baffles Orlando. However, he added that if they both fought over him it would be a game changer for him.

For his audition, Orlando chose “Beer Never Broke My Heart”. Camila was the first coach to turn around for him and soon Gwen, Blake and John followed his example. As he expected, Blake and Camila began fighting with each other to get Orlando on their respective teams. While Blake tried to pitch himself by saying he would help the young Miami native transition between genres, Camila claimed she would help him along the path to becoming the artist he wants to be.

Although both coaches made some very strong points, after some deliberation, Orlando decided to pick Camila Blake over him. He explained how the connection between Miami and Cuba they shared led him to choose the “Havana” singer. Camila was overjoyed to add another country artist to her team against Blake.

We can’t wait to see Orlando’s journey in The Voice.

Season 22 of The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:7c on NBC and is available to stream on Peacock.

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