Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The Voice 2022: Who is Kate Kalvach? Blake Shelton mutes Camila Cabello to win over his colleague Okie

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‘@camila_cabello #TheVoice Welcome to The Voice. You’re giving Blake money competition. You worried him,” noted one fan

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: As the eight-time reigning champion of “The Voice,” Blake Shelton has earned a reputation for being one of the singing competition show’s winning coaches, particularly for aspiring country singers. But it looks like his new fellow coach Camila Cabello is giving him a run for his money.

After stealing two country artists with four chairs right under Blake’s nose, Camila surprised her fellow coaches with her strategic pitch. By the end of the first episode of The Voice Season 22, Blake had no one left on his Blake team, while the other coaches had quite a few singers on their team. But the country legend wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet and decided to go up against Camila to get the episode’s final cast member – Kate Kalvach – on his team. From muting Camila to spawning a goat with the Blake name tag around its neck, the country star pulled out all the stops to win her over. If you’re wondering who exactly Kate is and what she performed on the singing competition show, then read on.


Who is Kate Kalvach?

Kate is a 27-year-old singer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moved to Oklahoma in 2013. She currently works as Creative Director at Hope Connection Church. She is married to Czech artist Matt Kalvach, whom she met at her college. In their introductory pack, Matt can be heard praising his wife’s singing and encouraging her to pursue her passion for singing. In 2017, Kate released her debut single Unshaken.

For her audition performance, Kate chose Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves. Not wanting to be pigeonholed as just a country singer, Kate has expressed an interest in exploring other genres as well. While Gwen Stefani, Blake and Camila were all more than impressed with her singing, Blake felt the added pressure of having the young singer on his team as she was from the same town as him. It became a matter of pride for Blake to get his colleague “Okie” to join Team Blake as the first member.

In the meantime, while we’ll have to wait and see if Kate chooses Blake, fans are already amused by Blake and Camila’s antics. To curb his competition, Blake secretly kept Camila mute as she attempted to throw himself at Kate. He later attempted to bring a goat onto the stage to make it clear that he is the GOAT aka “Greatest Artist Of All Time”. But to Blake’s dismay, the goat refused to come on stage.

Several amused fans took to Twitter to praise Camila for teasing Blake. One fan tweeted: “Seriously to think that @Camila_Cabello is only 25 and already a judge on this show is amazing + she pulls the strings and isn’t intimidated by Blake at all, love this. #TheVoice. “Yeah, I think Camila wins Blake by a mile, she’s so convincing. I think she’s more talkative than Blake. Good sales rep #TeamCamila @Camila_Cabello #TheVoice @blakeshelton,” one fan wrote. “@Camila_Cabello #TheVoice you better bring Blake back good for that mute Bs!” demanded a fan. “@camila_cabello #TheVoice welcome to the Voice. You’re giving Blake money competition. You worried him,” one fan remarked. “This was the first episode and I already loved it so much omg!! Camila is so awesome!! I already have 2 contestants she gives such great advice too and also her and Blake’s bond is so fun to see love it #TheVoice #TeamCamila,” one fan remarked.

Season 22 of The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:7c on NBC and is available to stream on Peacock.

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