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‘The Voice’ 2022 Battles: Did John Legend Make a Mistake in Crowning Valerie Harding the Winner? Fans say: “Dia won hands down”

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“Dia Malai should have won that fight, that’s how it was [email protected] #TheVoice,” wrote one fan

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: It’s never a good idea to pit two powerhouse singers against each other during The Voice battle round. Trainer John Legend learned this firsthand when he pitted Valerie Harding against Dia Malai in the Season 22 bouts.

With the help of Team Legend’s combat advisor Jazmine Sullivan, John helped the duo polish their performance on Sullivan’s “Bust Your Windows.” Interestingly, Dia and Valari brought two very different things to the table. While Dia delivered a whole experience with her cheeky attitude and personality during the performance, Valarie only focused on her singing, leaving the coaches in awe. When it finally came time to perform in front of the coaches and studio audience, Dia and Valari did a spectacular job.


You can watch Dia Malai and Valerie Harding’s The Voice battle round here:

After watching the duo fight, the coaches couldn’t help but rhapsodize. Although both Camila Cabello and Blake Shelton chose Dia as the winner thanks to her theatrical performance and strong stage presence, John chose Valerie as the winner. As she was not rescued by John or stolen by other trainers, Dia’s journey was cut short in the competition.

After seeing Dia’s elimination, many fans took to Twitter and the show’s YouTube clips to express their disagreement with John’s verdict. Although John explained the reasons for his “tough decision” by pointing out that the show was called “The Voice” and that it focused on vocals, so he picked Valerie, fans weren’t happy. One fan tweeted: “@johnlegend #TheVoice You’re the expert but (aab) I think you should have kept Dia…” “Dia Malai should have won that fight, that’s how it was [email protected] #TheVoice,” one fan wrote. “Welp,” no matter what John Legend said, Dia absolutely nailed me. She’s right, we didn’t see her last. She’ll be on top,” one fan commented on the show’s YouTube clip of the bout.

Another fan shared: “These two ladies did a very good job with this great song selection. But I would definitely have gone with Dia. She just seemed more believable with this song and she also seems to have more control over her voice.” “They’re both fantastic but Dia just stole the show from me, even though Valerie was a bit more perfect technically. Dia has amazing singing and stage performance skills. She electrifies you and makes you feel everything!” echoed one fan. “I definitely like Dia better because her voice is thicker, rounder and not too thin and sharp for ear comfort. She also looks more up to date,” one fan remarked. “Dia certainly didn’t win a contest,” explained one fan.

The Voice season 22 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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