Monday, December 5, 2022

‘The Voice’ 2022 Battles: Camila saves Steven after picking Morgan as winner, fans say she ‘did the right thing’

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“#TheVoice Morgan is so special but so smart to save Steven!” wrote one fan

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: After aggressively luring some of the best artists onto Team Camila, the new ‘The Voice’ coach is ready to speak out by saving her teammates as well.

On the recently aired episode 8 of season 22 of The Voice, the contestants battled another team member who was chosen by their coach to continue their role on the show. Camila Cabello decided to pit the season’s first four-chair gymnast – Morgan Myles – against songwriter Steven McMorran. Because of their Nashville connection and impeccable singing, Camila felt they were the perfect opponents for the fighting round. She chose Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball as the song for her fight round. With the help of her fight advisor, Charlie Puth, Camila worked with her team to fine-tune her fight round performance.


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You can watch Morgan Myles and Steven McMorran’s ‘The Voice’ Battles Round performance here:

When it came time to deliver their final performance, both Morgan and Steven pulled out all the stops and gave a spectacular performance that felt more like a duet than a match. John Legend and Blake Shelton selected Morgan as the winner based on their reach. Camila agreed with them, too, and named the four-chair-turn singer the winner of the battle round.

Steven thanked Camila for the opportunity and just left the stage when the ‘Havana’ singer used her only ‘save’ option to save him from being eliminated. In her confessional, Camila explained her exploits by pointing out that Morgan was irreplaceable in the competition and had the potential to advance to the finals, but then again, the world has yet to see Steven’s talent. So she wanted to give him a chance to showcase his amazing gift to the world.

While Steven was humbled by Camila’s faith in him, ‘The Voice’ fans were impressed with her move. Many fans took to Twitter to praise Camile for her very smart use of the save option. One fan tweeted: “@camila_cabello #TheVoice I think you saving Steven was the right thing to do Camilla!!!!” “So glad you gave Steven another chance you really have one good heart, you are right to give him a chance [email protected]_cabello #TheVoice,” one fan wrote. “@camila_cabello #TheVoice you did the right thing with Steven would love to hear more,” one fan commented.

Another fan shared: “@camila_cabello #TheVoice What a fair and thoughtful move to save Steven. You have HEART.” “@camila_cabello #TheVoice That was a great use of your save; I firmly believe that Morgan can win the competition! Great work!” commented one fan. “@camila_cabello #TheVoice Morgan is so special but so smart to save Steven!!” seconded a fan. “Morgan is amazing but so glad you did your saving for this amazing voice used! @camila_cabello #TheVoice,” echoed one fan.

The Voice season 22 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.
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