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The Vampire Diaries: Matt actor Zach Roerig said the police belt could be super uncomfortable

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the Vampire Diaries is the CW’s attempt to capitalize on the enduring popularity of the vampire fiction genre. The dark teenage fantasy series debuted in 2009 and aired for eight seasons before ending in 2017. The show’s ending may have come and gone, but its devoted fan base, like that of other popular and long-running fantasy programs, is still hungry for information about what happened behind the scenes.

Six years ago at a Comic-Con in San Diego TVD Cast members took the stage to answer questions from fans about life on set. During his discussion, Zach Roerig revealed that he was wearing the police belt the Vampire Diaries could be super uncomfortable.

Zach Roerig portrayed Matt Donovan, the charming human being who, against all odds, survives through all eight seasons of the Vampire Diaries without dying (forever) or becoming a vampire. Matt is close to childhood friends Jeremy Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, Elena Gilbert, Caroline Forbes, and Tyler Lockwood, all of whom grew up in the same town of Mystic Falls as he did.

Upon discovering the presence of mystical beings in his hometown, Matt begins to separate from the Mystic Falls gang. After a while, however, he begins to help his friends fight their enemies and defend his hometown.

Subsequently, Matt decides to join the Mystic Falls Police Department as a deputy and begins hunting vampires. And after Kai Parker binds Elena to Bonnie and she falls into a magical coma, Matt steps up and becomes the Sheriff of Mystic Falls.

In TVD, Roerig played a deputy in the Mystic Falls Police Department and had to wear a police belt in several episodes. Speaking at a 2016 San Diego Comic-Con ahead of the Season 8 premiere, the actor revealed that he was excited that he would eventually be able to do a season without his police belt, as it was uncomfortable wearing it in a car to sit. He said:

However, Matt eventually returned to Mystic Falls and reunited with his mother and sister’s spirits. He reclaimed the role of sheriff and earned widespread respect, eventually becoming mayor himself, Digital Spy recaps.

Speak to anyone in Hollywood and you’ll learn some things about film and television production beyond your wildest imagination. And one of the biggest challenges in TVD had to do with makeup and special effects.

There have been many stories over the years about how things worked on set TVD were not as easy as they should be. For one, everyone in the cast said they couldn’t speak normally with their vampire fangs in their mouths as they felt uncomfortable.

And aside from the fangs, part of the signature look of vampires TVD was that of the eyes and the veins that bulged when they got angry. To create the red eyes, the performers had to wear red contact lenses that covered the entire eye.

Ian Somerhalder admitted he cried like a baby when the lens went in. For her part, Nina Dobrev compared wearing the contact lenses to having 20 lashes in your eye that you can’t get out. For Kat Graham, who wore a lace front wig for her role as Bonnie for many years, her hair was damaging.

The struggles the performers overcame to bring TVD to life make it all the more important that fans appreciate the show.

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