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The Traitors Finale Spoilers: Did Faithful or Traitors Win?

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After 10 episodes of lies, betrayals, fun and games, the truth was finally revealed in the finale of The traitors on peacock. At the start of Episode 10, there were still six contestants in the competition, but that number would soon diminish as the finale progressed. And did the believers or the traitors win in the end? Read on for spoilers from The traitors episode 10

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Traitors Episode 10, “The Grand Finale,” on Peacock.]

The traitors Episode 9 ended on a cliffhanger, with Christian de la Torre in the hot seat during the round table. It was between him and Kate Chastain, but Christian’s co-traitors — Cirie Fields and Arie Luyendyk Jr. — made it clear beforehand that they considered him a liability. So they placed the last nail in Christian’s coffin The traitors Episode 10 spoilers.

Christian and Quentin Jiles voted to ban Kate. But Cirie, Arie, Kate and Andie Thurmond voted for Christian. And already the second traitor was eliminated from the game. But before leaving, Christian stood in front of the remaining players and informed them that he was indeed a traitor.

During his exit interview, Christian became emotional because of the weight of the lies he was telling. But he was disappointed that he couldn’t make it to the end and get the money. Christian also admitted he applauded Cirie and Arie for betraying him.

Only five remained after Christian’s banishment The traitors Finale, but before we can get to the winners spoilers, contestants had more money up for grabs.

Cirie, Arie, Andie, Quentin and Kate flew by helicopter to Loch Glass where host Alan Cumming was waiting for them. Alan reminded them that they had added $182,000 to the pot by this point. However, if they complete their next mission, they could bring their prize pool up to $250,000.

The challenge required two players to jump from a helicopter into a lake. They then had to swim to two buoys containing the numbers for a locker’s combination. And they would share those digits with the three other participants on land to open the box that contained the key to a speedboat.

The three then used a map and the boat to find various amounts of money in various locations across the lake. The cast only had an hour to complete the mission.

Arie and Kate volunteered to jump out of the helicopter while Cirie, Andie, and Quentin raced around the lake to collect the money. Ultimately, they were able to get the remaining $68,000.

Although the five remaining players earned the $250,000, they still had one more person banned from the roundtable. Arie and Cirie previously agreed to eliminate Quentin, but loudly The traitors Spoilers, Cirie went rogue.

Cirie knew she had Quentin and Andie’s complete trust and wanted to see it through. So Arie and Kate voted to banish Quentin, and Cirie, Andie, and Quentin cast their vote for Kate. the Under deck star stood in front of the final four and announced she was a loyal one.

Immediately after Kate’s elimination, Cirie, Arie, Andie, and Quentin gathered around the Fire of Truth. They each had to vote to end the game or ban another person. If even one player wanted to be banned, he had to continue the game.

Arie, Andie, and Quentin all chose to quit the game, but Cirie didn’t want to share the money with Arie. She had worked hard as a traitor from the start, while Aria had only recently been drawn into the group. So she voted to be banished again.

Knowing he would be banned, Arie announced that he was retiring from the competition because he was a traitor. But what happened next? Read on for spoilers on who wins The traitors.

After Arie’s exit, Andie, Quentin, and Cirie voted to end the game The traitors Episode 10. And the viewers who knew Cirie was a traitor found out how this contest would end.

They walked around the fire of truth and admitted whether they were a traitor or not. Andie and Quentin, of course, revealed that they were faithful. But, much to Andie and Quentin’s shock, Cirie admitted to being a traitor. The two believers felt betrayed and Cirie was emotional, but she knew she had to do what was right for her family.

And now it’s time to celebrate because Cirie is the winner of The traitors! After narrowly failing to become the sole survivor survivor several times, Cirie has finally gotten the victory she deserved. And she played a masterful game in the Peacock series – one we know will be studied for years to come.

All 10 episodes of The traitors can be streamed on Peacock.

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