Friday, January 13, 2023

“The Traitors”: Cirie and Cody Bump Heads, “That Was an Accusation”

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The traitors Game makes the entire cast suspicious of each other. Cirie fields of survivor and Cody Calafiore from Big Brother are not immune. They clashed after she accused him of lying about knowing someone in the cast before the reality TV show started.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for The Traitors Episode 1 – 5.]

The game has the cast divided between traitors and believers. You will compete against each other in contests to put money in the pot. In the end, believers were able to split up to a quarter of a million dollars. But if the traitors make it to the end, they take all the money.

Every night the traitors will “murder” someone, which means they will be eliminated from the game. But believers could retaliate by voting someone out on suspicion that they are a traitor.

Host Alan Cumming selected the traitors in the first episode. He chose Cirie, Cody and Christian De la Torre. They worked together every night to keep their cover from being blown.

Cirie noticed how close Cody got to Ryan Lochte. Episode 4 ended with the Traitors debating who to kill next. Cody said he hears a lot of distrust towards Kyle Cooke summer house.

“I think Kyle has to go,” Christian said. “He’s getting smart. He’s the one who talks the most.”

Cody didn’t believe it, so Cirie intervened. “Kyle and Ryan say it has to be a strong woman, a reality woman, and could it be me, Stephanie [LaGrossa Kendrick of Survivor]or Rachel [Reilly of Big Brother],” she said. The survivor Alum suggested sending one of them home.

Cody was on board to send Kyle home. But then Cirie asked why Ryan wouldn’t achieve the same goal of deterring believers.

“I know this is your man,” she said to Cody. “She and Ryan have a relationship away from here. And don’t tell me no because I already know. We are here together.”

“You’re getting your head in there right now,” Cody replied. “I haven’t met him once in my life.”

Cirie said he should be fine killing Ryan and claimed she should be able to bring things up. “You accused me of not pointing it out to me,” he said Big Brother winner said. “That was an accusation. The fact that you accuse me of knowing Ryan. I’ll write Ryan’s name like this.”

She asked again why it shouldn’t be Ryan. “Because I feel like you get more personal because you think I know him outside of the house,” he said. Once again he denied knowing the Olympian.

In the end, Cirie got her way because they murdered Ryan. The faithful seemed shocked but decided he was chosen because no one would have accused him of being a traitor.

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