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The Time Traveler’s Wife – Episode 6 Finale: Will there be a second season? Fans are begging HBO for a sequel

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At the time of writing, there hasn’t been a renewal update from HBO for a new season, but social media has been buzzing with fans asking for a second season

“The Time Traveller’s Wife” ended its six-episode run on HBO, but the future of the limited series has been a topic of discussion. Starring Theo James and Rose Leslie, the romantic drama based on Audrey Niffenegger’s book of the same name follows the journey of Henry DeTamble and Rose Leslie as husband and wife in a series centered around the former’s ability to cope with a rare genetic disorder through time to travel .

The season finale, episode 6, focused on the wedding and the duo’s future. Clare eventually marries the older Henry, who travels back in time, while the younger Henry has a heartfelt conversation with the future Clare about the journey after their marriage. While the future looks bleak for Henry, he leaves Clare with at least one child – something the older version doesn’t do after a vasectomy is performed, leading to a strained relationship. As the series ended, social media was all about the possibility of a second season, and we take a look at the idea and what fans of the series had to say.


Will there be a second season of The Time Traveler’s Wife?

At the time of writing, there has not been a renewal update from HBO for a new season of The Time Traveller’s Wife. Per TV Line, executive producer/writer Steven Moffat felt he had an idea of ​​how many seasons he originally had planned. “I had a plan for how many seasons we were going to do — without telling you! — and where each would end up and how far you would take it,” he told the site.

“There’s enough juice in the book for more than one [season]. But at the same time I would still call it a limited series because it can’t go on forever. It has to stop. We already know quite a bit about how it ends. In episode 3 you know that he will be shot in a forest. You know that eventually he will lose his feet. So it’s a fate story I think. The end is built into the beginning.”

Moffat’s mind doesn’t necessarily leave the door open as he pretty much tells the end of the story. So it remains to be seen if HBO actually gives a thumbs up for a new season, even if it doesn’t, the ending pretty much gives audiences what would happen even if there were a sequel or two.

“Will there be a second season of #TheTimeTravelersWife? I mean you can’t just end it like that? We need to know what younger Henry is up to lol #TheoJames,” one fan wrote. “@HBO where’s the season 2 announcement for #TheTimeTravelersWife bc I NEED more Henry & Clare,” seconded another. “I’m so confused right now! I wasn’t prepared for this roller coaster ride of emotions. We need to see the rest of Henry and Clare’s story! We need a second season!! @hbomax
@HBO #TheTimeTravelersWife,” read one of the tweets.

The demand continued. “@hbomax ok I finished the last episode of #TheTimeTravelersWife and after that… I DEMAND MORE. It can’t end like this I need a second season!” said one comment. “We need Season 2!!! This is such a great series. The actors are perfect and the story is told so beautifully. #TheTimeTravelersWife @hbomax,” one fan remarked.

“So my favorite book/movie was turned into a show on HBO Max and it had its season finale tonight and surprisingly I loved it all. #TheTimeTravelersWife I can’t wait for season 2,” said one fan. “Please give us season 2 of a time traveler’s wife it’s so amazing and the ending is so open give us a conclusion to this wonderful story @hbomax #TheTimeTravelersWife,” one of the tweets said.

The Time Traveller’s Wife is available to stream on HBO Max.

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