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‘The School for Good and Evil’ on Netflix: date, cast, plot and latest buzz around fantasy movies

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Best friends Sophie and Agatha find their destinies reversed in The School for Good and Evil, which gives them a glimpse of who they really are

The film is about two best friends, Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) and Agatha (Sofia Wylie). While both were certain of being sent to school for good and evil, things change drastically for Sophie and Agatha. Before the movie comes out on Netflix in September 2022, avid fans can also watch other fantasy movies like The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity, Jumanji 3: The Next Level and Erax that will surely get them hooked could the screens.

Many grew up watching fantasy films. With a mix of fantasy, comedy, emotion, drama, thriller and story to follow, viewers undoubtedly still love these movies today. Netflix is ​​bringing a totally original fantasy film The School for Good and Evil.


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When is The School for Good and Evil coming out and where can you watch it?

The film The School for Good and Evil will be released worldwide on Netflix in September 2022. The exact release date has not yet been announced by the creators.

The plot of the fantasy film revolves around the two best friends Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) and Agatha (Sofia Wylie). The two find out straight away where the fairytale legacies go to school. In the school for good and evil, all normal girls and boys are trained to be fairy tale heroes and villains. Sophie and Agatha are sure they would be chosen by the School of Good and Evil. Things change drastically for the girls as their fortunes and fortunes are reversed when Sophie is put in the School For Evil and Agatha in the School For Good. Their friendship will be put to the test in this fantasy film, which also packs a dose of comedy and thriller to keep fans glued to their screens.

The official synopsis reads: “Best friends Sophie and Agatha are about to find out where fairytale legacies go to school: the School of Good and Evil, where ordinary boys and girls are trained to be fairytale heroes and villains. With her princess aspirations, Sophie knows she will be chosen for the School for Good and will join the ranks of previous students like Cinderella and Snow White. Meanwhile, Agatha, with her fierce aesthetic and evil cat, seems tailor-made for the villains in the School of Evil. But soon the girls find their destiny reversed: Sophie is put in the School for Evil, Agatha in the School for Good. But what if the mistake is the first clue as to who Sophie and Agatha really are? Their friendship will be put to the test in this suspenseful and comedic tale where the only way out of a fairy tale is to live one.”

The following star cast has been confirmed for the film.

Charlize Theron as Lady Lesso

The 46-year-old Oscar-winning star made her film industry debut with The Devil’s Advocate. She has some of the best performances in movies like Monster, North Country, The Italian Job, Hancock, Snow White and the Huntsman, Prometheus, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, The Fate of the Furious, Atomic Blonde, The Old Guard, Young Adult, Tully, and F9. Charlize will play the lead role of Lady Lesso in the highly anticipated YA (Young Adult) fantasy film The School for Good and Evil, releasing on Netflix.

Who is starring in The School for Good and Evil?

The other stars in the cast of The School for Good and Evil are Kerry Washington, Michelle Yeoh, Sophia Anne Caruso, Sofia Wylie, Ben Kingsley and a few others.

The film The School for Good and Evil was filmed and shot extensively in Belfast, Ireland. The big budget film set was created at St Peters Church of Ireland on Antrim Road in North Belfast where most of the film was shot. Film production and shooting also took place at Belfast Harbor Studios and Loop Film Studios. Local locations in North Belfast (Ireland) where The School for Good and Evil film was filmed include St Peter’s Church, St Anne’s Cathedral, Mount Stewart, Ulster Folk Museum, Clandeboye Estate, the Big Dog Forest, the Woodburn Forest and Castle Archdale. Filming began in April 2021 and ended in North Belfast, Ireland in July 2021, where all COVID-19 related norms were followed by the cast and crew.

Paul Feig directed The School for Good and Evil. The screenplay for the film was written by Soman Chainani along with Paul Feig, Soman Chainani, Vanessa Taylor and David Magee. The film was produced by Paul Feig, Jane Startz, Joe Roth, Laura Fischer and Jeff Kirschenbaum. The film is based on the 2013 bestselling YA (Young Adult) themed fantasy novel by Soman Chainani.

In a previous May 2020 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, author Soman Chainani said of the film, “It is an honor and a dream to have one of your favorite directors adapt your book into a film for Netflix. Paul Feig is a brilliant filmmaker and a master of sound. a perfect fit for the twists and turns of The School for Good & Evil. I have no doubt it will make a true classic fairy tale.” He added, “I’m really looking forward to bringing to life this amazing, touching, funny and powerful world that Soman has created in his wonderful books. I feel like a frog that just turned into a prince.”

The official trailer hasn’t been released yet, but the teaser was released by the creators on June 7th. You can also watch it here.

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