Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The royals are “disappointed, angry and confused” and it puts all future interactions with Prince Harry at risk, says King Charles’ ex-butler

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Memoirs of Prince Harry spare part includes some revelations royal fans weren’t expecting. And now the former employee of King Charles III explains what the Duke of Sussex wrote in his book came as equally surprising to those who know the family and have worked in the royal household.

Here’s what the former king’s butler had to say about Harry’s claims against his family and what he thinks interactions between the prince and his relatives will be like in the future.

Grant Harrold was King Charles’ personal butler from 2004 to 2011. During these years he also spent time with Prince William and Prince Harry and met them while they were staying at Highgrove House. He recalls that the brothers were very close and so hadn’t expected to hear Harry’s claim that William was physically involved with him. Harrold, speaking on behalf of Spin Genie, said what he really doesn’t understand is why the Duke wanted to publish that if it was true.

“I never witnessed it [Harry and William] ever having a fallout or similar arguments,” Harrold said. “I understand that there may be a dispute. I can believe it can happen. It’s possible for one to knock the other over without trying to hurt them. It’s not unusual what he described, but what’s unusual is describing it to all of us so that we all know about it.

“It’s like going on social media and going, ‘Oh, it’s so awful, I was attacked by so-and-so.’ why would you do that What would be the point of that? There’s no point unless you’re trying to make him look bad in front of other people. It’s just so sad because when I was there it wasn’t what they were like at all. I was never aware of these kinds of arguments, it’s possible like all brothers they had conflicts, but if he tells this story and it’s graphic enough that he falls into a dog bowl and it cuts pieces into him, well, that is serious. ”

Harrold also said that his former boss and the new Prince of Wales are not only very hurt at the moment by what was written spare part but what Harry said about the royal family during his book promotion tours.

“I believe [William and Charles] both will be disappointed. I think they would be angry and confused,” the ex-butler said. “I’m sure they will decide what response should be given, if any. Never complain, never explain is possible.”

So far, the family has opted for this approach of remaining silent amid the barrage of claims about her.

The former royal butler believes what Harry revealed to the world about his family could certainly complicate their future interactions and even make one of the biggest royal events “awkward”.

Speaking of King Charles’ coronation in May, Harrold said: “Can’t you imagine that would be awkward? If you did this to your own family, then you would come to a wedding, you just wouldn’t come. People would leave, why did they show up? I still think it’s very likely that he could show up because it’s his dad, but it would be very awkward and I don’t know if Meghan would show up.

Harrold continued, “Would people boo? And the last thing the monarchy wants is people booing at a coronation. There might be a decision where they say it’s best if they don’t come… I think it will be sad if they don’t come, but on the other hand it will be very embarrassing. It might even overshadow the coronation… I think with all that’s happened, [Harry’s] is painted with the same brush as his [great-great] Uncle King Edward VIII was painted where people didn’t really want him to have anything to do with the royal family after what happened in his past as well.”

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