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‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond’s daughter Alex shares a message about body positivity: ‘People come in all shapes and sizes’

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Alex Drummond, the daughter of The Pioneer Woman Star Ree Drummond has a message for the fans. She posted an uplifting message about accepting your body no matter what it looks like. Here’s what Ree’s daughter shared.

Most members of the Drummond family are quite tall, according to The Pioneer Woman website. The site reports that almost all of Ree’s children are taller than 6 feet. Alex is almost as tall, measuring 1.60 m. Ladd’s late mother Nan was almost 2 meters tall. You may be wondering how tall Ree Drummond is? According to her website, Ree is 5 feet, 9 inches tall.

During a Q&A on Instagram, Alex opened up about her feelings about being tall. A fan asked if she likes being tall. The fan revealed that she’s a “big girl” and “fights” with it. Alex says her views on being taller than other people have changed. She admits that she used to be insecure about her height, but she’s gotten to a point where she accepts it. “Definitely used to struggling/being more insecure with it,” says Alex. “But I’ve grown to embrace it over the past few years.”

Alex went on to say that it’s important to remember that we’re all different and that’s okay. She doesn’t believe in the belief that women should be shorter than men. “You just have to remember that people come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s okay if some girls are taller or taller than their male counterparts, too,” Alex says during her Q&A. “The only reason taller girls are insecure is because of the idea that women need to be tinier than men, which is wrong!”

Alex says smaller women also have things they’re unsure about. “Smaller girls have their insecurities too!” she adds. “So does average sized girls and everyone else in between. The moral of the story? Every body is beautiful!”

Ree also shared her thoughts on accepting her body. She often posts about her struggle with weight loss and shares some of the things she has done to stay healthy. Last year, Ree posted 10 things she learned about losing weight. She shared that she lost 55 pounds in a year after deciding to lose weight for Alex’s wedding to Mauricio Scott.

Ree says that being skinny wasn’t her goal. She wanted to feel better and slimmer so she could wear the dress she wanted for her daughter’s wedding. Overall, it was more important to her to feel good than to look like what she thought other people wanted her to look like.

“‘Skinny’ wasn’t my primary goal,” says Ree on her blog, Pioneer Woman. “Even though I had gained quite a bit of weight over the past three years and definitely wanted to lose weight for Alex’s wedding in May, my biggest motivation was just to feel better and have more energy.”

Ree says she was “tired, bloated and desperate” before her weight loss. However, she says that now that she’s lost weight, she smiles more and feels great. (Here’s what Ree Drummond eats in a day.)

“I’m wearing clothes that I wasn’t comfortable in a year ago,” Ree says on her blog. “I feel better about my looks and smile more (yes, even more than before, which was a lot – haha) and that’s a nice feeling at the age of 53.”

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