Tuesday, August 9, 2022

‘The Old Man’ Season 2: cast, date, plot and latest buzz surrounding Jeff Bridges’ FX spy thriller

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The season 1 finale sets the stage for another dazzling season

The Old Man was one of the more impressive shows of 2022 and after the delays that led to it premiered three years after it was announced, all is set to wrap up Season 1 after a Humdinger finale. The thriller is based on Thomas Perry’s bestseller of the same name. The FX spy thriller was enthusiastically received by critics and has continued to excel throughout the season. The enormous success was so great that a second season was inevitable.

Rotten Tomatoes has a 95% rating from critics, making it one of the most anticipated shows of June. In their review, Variety said, “Jeff Bridges brings grit and texture to a role that could too easily be geriatric Ethan Hunt: Chase may be near infallible, but he also gets very frustrated and tired.” And since the finale laid the groundwork for the new season begins, here’s everything we know so far.


Who is Starring in Season 2 of The Old Man?

Expect the main characters to return in Season 2. John Lithgow as Harold Harper, Bridges as Dan Chase and Amy Brenneman as Zoe McDonald will all reprise their roles. It also remains to be seen if Alia Shawkat will return for Season 2 considering her character is in deep waters. The rest of the cast depends on the storylines of the second season. The same goes for Leem Lubany as Young Abbey Chase / Belour and EJ Bonillas Raymond Waters.

FX announced “The Old Man’s First” in 2019, but the network paused production twice during filming due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Bridges’ lymphoma diagnosis in 2020. Series production eventually resumed and finished filming in early 2022. Assuming the next episode will experience less interference, Season 2 will likely premiere sometime in mid to late 2023.

Season 2 will most likely deal with the aftermath of Chase and Harper’s mission to rescue Emily and get to Faraz Hamzad. Zoe is still one of his biggest support systems. In the previous episode, Chase’s mission to get close to Faraz Hamzad leads to reuniting with Harper and saving his daughter. The biggest reveal is that Morgan Bote is the old man, giving the massive twist no one saw coming. He was always the man who called the shots and pulled the strings. It’s safe to say that Chase and Harper were effectively puppets, with Zoe (Amy Brenneman) and Emily (Alia Shawkat) taken as security.

Undoubtedly the biggest star on The Old Man, Bridges received rave reviews for his performance, not just on the show but for some of his other projects as well. However, he’s not a fan of some of the experiences. The 72-year-old recently relived his experience filming Iron Man in 2008. While the Robert Downey Jr. star lived through the early days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bridges was left quite confused, though he massively credits the film with being an important part of his career.

“It was Marvel’s first adventure into filmmaking,” he told Vanity Fair. “It was so lucky to have Jon with us and [Robert] Downey because they’re both such great improvisers, and we spent a couple of weeks working on the script and rehearsing together because we didn’t like the original script and we were like, ‘Oh yeah, we fixed that, fixed that'” , Bridges explained.

What is the plot of The Old Man Season 2?


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“And then the first day of shooting came and Marvel threw away our script that we were working on and said, ‘No, that’s not good. It has to be this and that.’ And so there was a lot of confusion about what our script was, what we wanted to say, you know? And we’d spend hours in one of our trailers, going through lines and saying, ‘Oh, you play my part or I’ll play your part,’ and figured out how we were going to do it.”

“It was driving me absolutely nuts until I made a little adjustment in my brain,” Bridges explained, “and that adjustment was, ‘Jeff, just relax. They’re doing a $200 million student film. Just relax and have fun.’ And that kind of worked because here I get to play with these two amazing artists and just jam and that’s what we ended up doing.

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