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The Midnight Club: Mike Flanagan Reveals An Unexpected Easter Egg In The Series

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The new Netflix horror series, The Midnight Clubhit the streamer on October 9th. Directed by Mike Flanagan and based on Christopher Pike’s novel, The Midnight Club follows a group of terminally ill teenagers who get together every night to tell scary stories. Flanagan is known for hiding a few Easter eggs in his work. He does the same The Midnight Club. However, there is one very unexpected nod to a particular film that most people won’t notice.

Flanagan’s horror film oculus revolved around a cursed mirror. Since creating this film, he often hides the mirror in other content he creates. For example, it is hidden in the header of Gerald’s gamethe basement inside Oujia: Origin of Evil, and clean the wall The Haunting of Hill House. Eagle-eyed fans can catch a glimpse in the mirror The Midnight Clubalso.

At job interviews with The Midnight Club Cast at New York Comic-Con, we sat down with Igby Rigney, who plays Kevin on the show, and asked him about possible Easter eggs. He admits that Flanagan hid several throughout the series, including the oculus Mirror. However, when asked about their exact location, he was shy.

“The basement is where you have to look,” Rigney told Showbiz’ Cheat Sheet.

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While Flanagan fans might be used to Easter eggs, we doubt it’s a wink to the film Die Hard was ever on their bingo cards.

When we asked The Midnight Club Speaking to showrunners about specific Easter eggs, he replied, “There are some funny things. There are some obvious references to some of my favorite movies in the music of the 90’s. My favorite joke that has been in everything we’ve ever had to do is a Die Hard joke is on the show. That’s one of my favorite things. And we sneaked in Die Hard Poster just for this shot in the frame. It is never seen on the show again. It only appears for one line on the wall. It was really hard to get permission, but I’m really proud of that. There’s always some Stephen King stuff thrown in, but for the most part it was all just pike. It was all just trying to throw as many pike references as possible.”

Flanagan also confessed to hiding several hard-to-find cameos in it The Midnight Club. While he wanted to keep them a secret for fans to find, his co-creator Leah Fong let the cat out of the bag.

“There are voice cameos from other actors. So yes, there are hidden people. I don’t know about hidden props, but there are other hidden people from the Flanaverse,” Fong explained.

However, once we admitted to Flanagan that we knew about the voice cameos, he gave us a little more information.

“Hamish Linklater, Carla Gugino and Kate Siegel all appear on the show but no one has found them yet,” Flanagan said.

Watch all 10 episodes of The Midnight Club and see if you can find all the easter eggs yourself! It is currently streaming on Netflix.

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