Monday, October 25, 2021

‘The Masked Singer’ spoiler: Cupcake is Ruth Pointer, here are the clues you missed

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The panel’s guesswork included Jackée Harry, Grace Jones, Tina Turner, Tina Knowles, Angela Bassett, Roberta Flack, RuPaul, and Leslie Jones

It was date night on ‘The Masked Singer’ and the evening didn’t disappoint as there were a number of fascinating performances. The five singers of the night were Cupcake, Mallard, Banana Split, Queen of Hearts and one wildcard entry – Caterpillar. Until the unmasking, the undoubtedly most exciting and also hardest part of the show, it was all fun and games. However, the singer who had to say goodbye after the episode was Cupcake.

For those who thought Cupcake was Ruth Pointer, the guess proved correct when the exposure revealed the veteran soul singer, who was due to perform with her sister, Anita Pointer. Cupcakes clothes were a real eye-catcher with pink, purple and blue tones as well as some bling toppings. With the exposure, Cupcake joins the list of other contestants who have left the show – Octopus (Dwight Howard), Mother Nature (Vivica A. Fox), Puffer (Toni Braxton), and Baby (Larry the Cable Guy).

The panel’s guesswork included Jackée Harry, Grace Jones, Tina Turner, Tina Knowles, Angela Bassett, Roberta Flack, Ruth Pointer, RuPaul, and Leslie Jones.

Clues pointing to Ruth Pointer

‘The Masked Singer’ spoiler: Dalmatian is Tyga, here are important pointers you missed

The reaction on social media came in quickly as fans got excited to see Pointer. “@MaskedSingerFOX Damn #CupcakeMask was Ruth Pointer, so congratulations, Cupcake was really fun and it was great. “#TheMaskedSinger YAAS! I was RIGHT !!! I’m so excited and just can’t hide it, I knew it was Ruth Pointer and I think I like it !!!!!! I’m a HUGE fan of that Pointer Sisters! I’m so sorry Anita is not doing well and my thoughts and prayers go to her! Get well soon Anita !! ” read another tweet.

Nicole Scherzinger, one of the jurors, guessed right and the audience was banned. “What ?! Did ANYONE on Twitter guess Ruth Pointer before Nicole said it? I was sure it was either Billy Porter or RuPaul!” remarked one fan, “I thought the cupcake was Mary Wilson at first, but luckily I switched to Ruth Pointer #TheMaskedSinger and got it right Yeah! Proud of her and me that I got it right!” read a comment.

Shortly after Cupcake had played to “Finesse” by Bruno Mars, Nicole suggested, based on the vocals, that it could be Ruth Pointer. Choosing whole foods as the most widely used app on her phone only helped with the conclusion. Before that, the first clue was a compass pointing north. She also admitted that she hadn’t walked alone in a long time. The three-time Grammy joined their sisters Anita, Bonnie and June when the quartet won ten Grammys.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Pointer, 75, said Nicole’s assumption came as no surprise. “You know I wasn’t that surprised,” she explained. “Because I think it came from her knowing that I am a professional because she is a professional. And she comes from a girl group, and I come from one. I think she just put these things together like that. And a lot of people have told me anyway that I have a pretty recognizable voice that speaks and laughs and sometimes sings in the low register that I have. So I think I wasn’t that surprised when she guessed it. “

What do you think of Ruth Pointer’s impressive performance?

‘The Masked Singer’ airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox

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