Monday, November 29, 2021

The man asks for £ 3.50 back after she says she doesn’t want to meet anymore and people are shocked

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One woman described the bizarre moment when someone she was on a date with asked her to repay him when she declined a second date.

The woman, named Lauren, posted on Twitter sharing screenshots of her date trying to get £ 3.50 back for a coffee after saying she didn’t want to meet again. She said the incident happened six years ago.

When asked if she wanted a second date, Lauren said she was “not sure” that they had “chemistry,” but wished him well.

Undeterred, he offered to cook her dinner at his place and urged her to “give us a chance”.

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She said she was uncomfortable going home to someone she barely knew and tried again to end the conversation.

This led to his strange decision to ask, “Can you repay me for your coffee?” And added, “I don’t like wasting money. Use it on a date with someone else. “

She said it was “a shame” that he thought it was a waste and suggested donating the coffee money to charity instead.

In response, he sent her his bank details and said he wanted the money:

Her screenshots of the strange conversation went viral with over 3,344 likes. And in response to her story, people found that their date sounded pretty lousy and that she handled the situation well.

And someone took the opportunity to make a pretty good joke about the Tory Sleaze scandal:

She later added that she thinks he did the same trick with other women:

Well, there are a lot more fish in the sea. Cheap (skate) s and other types …

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