Saturday, November 27, 2021

"The love of my life" Bushido posts first baby photo after the birth of a triplet

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Bushido and his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi became parents of triplets on Thursday. Two days later, the rapper posted the first photo of his offspring.

“I’m just overwhelmed,” wrote Bushido on Thursday about a photo of himself and his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi. With this picture, the rapper made the birth of his three daughters public. The triplets were born on Thursday around 12:30 p.m., one day earlier than planned.

Now, two days after the birth, the 43-year-old shared the first photo with his almost two million fans on Instagram. Only one of the three babies can be seen in the picture. The musician did not reveal whether it was Amaya, Leonora or Naima.

The little girl lies on her stomach, her followers only get to see the back of her head. Bushido protects the privacy of his children as much as possible. The rapper wrote very simply, but very emotionally: “The love of my life.”

Bushido had previously revealed that it was difficult to tell the girls apart. The musician only recognizes Amaya directly. At 1,600 grams and 44 centimeters, it is the smallest. Her two sisters Leonora and Naima are each 45 centimeters tall and weigh 2,210 and 2,220 grams.

The three babies are fine. Amaya is currently “in a warming bed, is medically monitored and supplied with glucose so that she gains weight faster”. His wife also survived the birth well: “Anna-Maria is very, very well.” Despite a caesarean section, she takes care of the babies herself and breastfeeds.

Bushido and Anna-Maria Ferchichi, who is a younger sister of Sarah Connor, have been married since 2012. She brought a son into the marriage. Before the triplets were born, Bushido and his wife had four children together, including twins.

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