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“The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” Episode 5: Pharazon’s ulterior motives come to light as the war begins

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Pharazon is one of the main characters in The Rings of Power and he has just revealed his motives for the war

The Lord of the Rings has always been about the battle between good and evil, but there are some factions of good that turned out to be evil throughout the story. In LOTR, the handshake between Saruman and Sauron shocked everyone and changed the course of the fight for a while. Meanwhile, in The Hobbit, Thorin Oakenshield was so obsessed with the gold that he let others fight for him while he just sat on his throne tending the gold-filled mines. Eventually he learned what he was doing and joined the war.

Amazon’s The Rings of Power also revealed that there are some people in the kingdom who support this war for various reasons, although Numenor will go to war against Adar. Ar-Pharazon, Miriel’s advisor, has obeyed all the orders given by the Regent of Numenor and is ready for war. However, there are many who still believe that they should not go to war.


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In one of the scenes, Pharazon can be seen studying the maps of Middle-earth to strategize for wars when his son Kemen comes to him and asks why they are going to war in the first place. Kemen says if he (Pharazon) tries he can make the Queen Regent believe that Numenor doesn’t need to be part of this war because it serves no purpose. Then Pharazon revealed his actual plan. The Consul Queen Regent tells the person that the only reason he hasn’t said anything about not going to war is because they are total at this point and he has already worked out how this war will affect the kingdom more will bring fame .

He says that when the war is over and they have won the war, Numenor will give the Southlands their proper king in the form of Halbrandt. After that, the entire Numenor region will be forever grateful and that will open the gates to “trade” and many other things. Pharazon believes that Numenor will be bigger than ever and he will never try to stop the war because it serves a greater purpose.

So it’s clear that Pharazon has his own reasons for saying yes to the fight. Supporting Miriel also shows how loyal he is to the throne, and in doing so he makes his claim to the throne even stronger.

Will everything go according to Pharazon’s plan? Or something even more catastrophic awaits them on the battlefield. Let’s wait and watch.

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