Thursday, January 19, 2023

‘The Last of Us’ theory reveals how Joel and Sarah narrowly avoided infection

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Based on the 2013 video game, the HBO Max series The last of us follows a male protagonist who survives a virus outbreak and years later is tasked with bringing a girl to safety. Pedro Pascal stars as Joel, a single father who is being haunted by the events of his past at the time of the outbreak. A theory for The last of us suggests how Joel and his daughter Sarah, played by Nico Parker, almost got infected in the first episode.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us.]

As with most apocalyptic series, a typical day turns into its worst. His daughter wakes Joel on his birthday. Sarah is aware of her father’s habit of forgetting things like pancake ingredients. After a quick breakfast, Joel’s brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna) arrives to take him to a construction job. You hear about unrest in Jakarta, Indonesia on the news. Hoping to save his birthday, Joel promises his daughter he’ll come home with a cake.

The day goes on as usual and Sarah goes to a local repair shop to fix her father’s clock with the money she “borrowed” from her father’s dresser. There, the shopkeeper’s wife is beside herself and speaks to him in Arabic. She tells him to close the shop early and tells Sarah she needs to go home immediately.

Sarah returns home and, as promised, goes to her elderly neighbor. She is offered cookies to take home, but does not eat them as they contain raisins, not chocolate chips. But fans noticed that while watching a DVD, her neighbor’s mother started jerking off behind her with strange movements. Unknowingly, she goes home with the cookies. Later that evening her father comes home and forgot to bring a cake.

Instead, Sarah gives him the repaired watch and the DVD she took from her neighbor. They watch it until Sarah falls asleep when Joel gets a call from Tommy saying he’s been arrested. With no other choice, he puts Sarah to bed and sets out to rescue Tommy. Sarah wakes up to explosions and her neighbor’s dog at her door. She soon learns that the infected elderly woman ate her neighbors. Rescued by her father and Tommy, Sarah discovers there is a virus outbreak.

The last of us based on the popular game. The virus outbreak is called Cordyceps and is likely due to a fungus. The series begins with two scientists discussing the possibility of viral infections, with one suggesting that a fungal infection is the deadliest. IGN posted a TikTok video revealing a theory of how Joel, Sarah and Tommy escaped infection The last of us.

The theory is based on a Reddit thread that explains all the events that led to them not being infected and has to do with flour. According to the theory, it has to do with character learning, there are problems in Jakarta, Indonesia. Coincidentally, the world’s largest mill factory that produces flour is here. How Joel, Sarah and Tommy don’t get infected is crucial.

Sarah can’t find flour for her father’s pancakes and settles for scrambled eggs. When the neighbors offer them cookies, they also refuse. Fans may notice that the older woman gets the cookies for breakfast. Joel also says he’s on the Atkins diet, which means he has no flour-based carbs.

When Sarah is at her neighbor’s, she doesn’t eat the cookies either because there are raisins. The final clue is when Joel returns home and forgets to buy a birthday cake made from flour. The last of us The theory suggests that the virus outbreak is caused by contaminated flour.

It’s no surprise that details are in The last of us parallel to the story of the game. But some fans believe the contamination theory is canon and not necessarily a theory. The series has not confirmed how the viral infection was caused. In the games, the infection is explained by contaminated plants from South America.

But fans see a few loopholes in the contaminated flour theory. Many find it hard to believe as the series fast-forwards years into the future where the infection has already lashed out much of the population. Have they figured out how the infection spreads and avoided all flour-based products? It is only natural that survivors would take and consume every ration of food during a pandemic.

In the series, fans don’t see what the characters eat after the pandemic. The flour theory for The last of us is still plausible and retains some connections to the video games.

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