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The Last of Us Episode 1: Did Sarah’s Death Follow the Video Game Plot?

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HBO Max The last of us Series takes the popular video game storyline in a world where a viral pandemic has lashed out most of the population. The main character Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, is the focus of the series. But before he dives into his brooding role on the show, fans learn about his heartbreaking tragic past. The last of us begins with the death of his daughter Sarah (Nico Parker) and remains consistent with the video game.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us.]

like the video game The last of us takes place in Austin, Texas before the outbreak. Fans meet single father Joel and his daughter Sarah. Sarah planned to make pancakes for her father’s birthday, but found her father never bought flour. During an impromptu breakfast, Joel’s brother Tommy (Gabriela Luna) comes to take her to work and hears about troubles in Jakarta, Indonesia on the radio.

The day goes on as usual, but something is wrong. Sarah is urged to go home when she goes to a nearby store to fix her father’s watch. Later that night, Joel arrives, forgetting to buy a birthday cake, and is watching a movie with Sarah. When Joel gets a call from Tommy, he lets Sarah sleep.

Sarah wakes up to explosions and her neighbor’s dog at her door. She investigates and finds her male neighbor dying from a severe throat wound. On the kitchen floor, his wife is being eaten by her mother, who has become a starving infected monster. Sarah escapes and is rescued by her father and uncle. They flee to safety, only to find the army blocking the main roads and the city overrun by the infected.

After the car crash, Tommy stays behind to fight them off while Joel takes his daughter to safety. A walker chases after them until a soldier shoots him. But the soldier holds her at gunpoint and begs for orders over his radio. Joel yells that they are not infected. The soldier apologizes and opens fire until Tommy shoots him dead. But it’s too late. Sarah was shot in the abdomen and dies in her father’s arms.

Sarah’s death in The last of us happens just like in the video game. Minor things have been changed like Joel and Sarah not watching a ninja movie on his birthday. Joel doesn’t get a call from Tommy in jail. But Sarah wakes up from explosions, but receives a call from a distraught Tommy asking to speak to Joel. The infected attacking her is her male neighbor, not the older woman.

The rest of the background scene is the same and leads to Sarah’s tragic death in The Last of Us. Joel and Sarah flee to safety until they encounter the army soldier. As in the series, the soldier tries to reason with his superiors not to kill them when a child is present. But he had to obey orders and opened fire. As he is about to kill Joel, Tommy comes and kills the soldier.

Joel soon realizes that Sarah has been mortally wounded in the abdomen. He attempts to comfort his daughter, but is faced with the inescapable truth that she will not survive. Sarah dies in his arms.

As fans know, Sarah is not the main character of The last of us. Instead, there is a time jump 20 years into the future when the viral infection has killed much of the population. A hardened Joel is now a smuggler tasked with getting Ellie (Bella Ramsey) to safety outside of the quarantine zone. Joel will develop a father-daughter bond with Ellie over time. But will fans see Sarah again? The last of us?

According to IMDb, The last of us Actor Nico Parker is credited with two episodes of the series. It can be speculated that she will return in an old memory or flashback. Sarah’s death had a massive impact on Joel, who he has become 20 years later, and how he will approach the journey with Ellie.

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