Thursday, May 12, 2022

‘The Kardashians’: Fans call Travis a ‘creeper’ for wanting to ‘live’ before dating Kourtney

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While Kris and Kourtney gushed over the story of how Travis ended up living near Kourtney, fans found it far from romantic

Travis and Kourtney’s relationship has been a focal point throughout the season, with fans raving that she’s finally found a man who loves and deserves her. However, not everyone has the same impression. Kourtney’s kids, who weren’t present at her engagement, raised a few red flags, and fans’ concerns for the reality star don’t end there.

For anyone tuning in to The Kardashians, you know the Hulu series certainly has its fair share of drama. And while all of the themes and storylines seem to be the same, fans have been digging deep and making discoveries that certainly transcend what transpires on screen.

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Anyway, fans went to Reddit to discuss it and saw that no one was buying it. “Kourtney has always been so romantic at heart that I feel like those red flags go way over her head or she sees them as epic declarations of love…like saying she’s from someone who’s in a relationship with three kids.” , pulled down the road are crazy,” said one Reddit user.
“He’s a creep for sure, he reminds me of those guys who only say ‘cute’ things because he says them with 100% lust and he’s just addicted to sex and everything he says and does is to get laid , but disguising it as “cute”…that’s one of the sickest tactics imo,” wrote one Reddit user.

“Yah, him buying that house near her was sooo weird…the family don’t know what healthy love looks like…first Kim brags about Pete branding her name on himself…then Kris highlights Travis,” unretorted Charity” thing… the whole family is so traumatized and fucked up! Nobody knows what healthy tokens of love look like!!!” added another.

What do you think? Is Travis’ behavior worrisome? Or do the fans just read too much into it? Sound off below!

The Kardashians is available to stream on Hulu

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