Sunday, November 27, 2022

The holiday destinations that are now cheaper than before the pandemic – and they can save Brits hundreds

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THE EXPENSES of flying abroad stunning price increases lately, however There are some hotspots that are CHEAPER than post-pandemic.

In many countries, the cost of vacations is becoming increasingly expensive as air travel is severely affected.

A large proportion of flight routes have become more expensive since the coronavirus pandemic, but several European destinations have bucked the trend.

Skyscanner experts have revealed that flights to Brussels, Madeira and Sofia are cheaper compared to pre-pandemic levels.

In December 2019, a return flight to the Portuguese island of Madeira cost £342.

Now these tickets can be snagged for just £59.

The price drops even lower in January as return flights cost £39 compared to £90 in January 2020.

A return trip to Belgium’s capital, Brussels, now costs £77, a 13 per cent drop from travel before the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, air travel to Sofia in Bulgaria can be booked for as little as £61 – down 18 per cent from previous prices.

For example, in 2019 a three night stay including flights to Sofia cost £251.55 with EasyJet Holidays or £205 with Love Holidays.

Naomi Hahn, Skyscanner’s Vice President of Strategy, said: “It’s clear that we’re hungrier than ever to discover something new – even if we might have less in our pockets next year.

“The fallout from a pandemic has prompted travelers to look for ways to make up for lost time and create new experiences and memories.

“Consumers have become smarter about what they value in the wake of the pandemic – the squeeze on personal spending has shown that consumers still prioritize flight but are increasingly turning to metasearch platforms like Skyscanner and employing simple travel hacks to ensure that they get the best bang for their buck such as being flexible on dates and destinations.

“The year looks set to be one of discovery as emerging, pocket-friendly destinations take center stage.”’s financial experts have also revealed the five best value holiday destinations – and Turkey tops the list.

Five years ago 1 pound was 4.54 Turkish lira, but now Brits can expect to get 21.5 Turkish lira for 1 pound.

This makes Turkey a whopping 375 percent cheaper to visit compared to 2017.

A trip to Brazil is 53 percent cheaper than five years ago – instead of four Brazilian reals per pound, you can expect to get six.

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