Monday, November 29, 2021

The hilarious clip shows Oprah Winfrey singing along to Adele – but she doesn’t know the lyrics

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We’ve all been through this. You’re at a gig or in a club. Everyone has a lot of fun singing along to the song that is being played. You’re enjoying yourself, but there is a problem – you don’t really know the lyrics.

Most of us can get away with humming along or lip syncing – but it’s not that easy to fake when sharing a video of your unconvincing talk with your 43 million Twitter followers.

That’s exactly what happened Oprah Winfrey when she “sang along” to Adeles Hello.

Adele became the newest A-lister to sit down for one Tell-all interview with Winfrey Before their new album, 30th, will be released on Friday. Filmed in the same place as Prince Harry and Meghan’s bomb interview Earlier this year, Adele spoke about her divorce, family dynamics, and weight loss.

The two-hour special included a recorded concert with a high-profile audience. People like Lizzo, Melissa McCarthy, James Corden, Gordon Ramsay and of course Winfrey were all in attendance.

But Adele’s candid interview responses and her incredible performance weren’t the only things that made her chin wag.

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Enjoy a singing song with Lizzo while Adele buckles up Hello, Winfrey uploaded a clip in which she seems to be struggling to strike the right notes. She certainly had the gist of the song and definitely made an effort, but the lyrical gaps were clear …

Meanwhile, in the background of the video, Lizzo is absolutely killing it.

Winfrey received some lighthearted escalation on social media for her lip-syncing efforts, with one writing: “If the song is good but you don’t know the lyrics. We have been there. Many times. We feel you.”

We understand If we were that close to Lizzo, words would also be lacking.

But if Winfrey had to be lip-syncing for her life, we’re pretty sure she’d be told whiz away.

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