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The Handmaid’s Tale: What Happened to Eleanor, Commander Lawrence’s Wife?

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Although she has passed away, Eleanor Lawrence is still an important figure in The story of the maid. Her death had a profound impact on her husband, Commander Lawrence. In Season 5 Episode 9, Lawrence brings up Eleanor on a phone call with June. However, June drops a bombshell about Eleanor’s death, but what exactly happened to her?

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 9, “Allegiance.”]

Commander Lawrence and his wife Eleanor are an enigma through and through The story of the maid. The couple are first introduced in Season 2 when Emily is stationed at her home. Despite Lawrence’s title as Architect of Gilead, he does not share the pious values ​​of the other commanders.

He helps Emily leave Gilead and even allows the Marthas to use his home for the rebel group Mayday. It slowly turns out that Lawrence wanted to save humanity from the declining birth rate.

But that doesn’t excuse all the damage he’s done. Lawrence’s wife, Eleanor, has mental health issues that are only made worse by living in Gilead’s terrible company. Eleanor tells Emily with horror that Lawrence is responsible for the dreaded colonies.

After Emily Gilead escapes, June becomes Lawrence’s new maid. She and Lawrence plan to take Eleanor to Canada on Angel’s Flight. However, June finds Eleanor in her room overdosing on her medication. Instead of calling for help, June watches her die, likely seeing Eleanor as a liability to her plan.

June finally reveals the truth to Commander Lawrence The story of the maid Season 5. He tells June over the phone that he is doing everything to make Gilead better because it is what his wife would have wanted. June says, “Eleanor hated you. She couldn’t bear to look at you.”

“She was so broken and ashamed of the man she loved that she would rather be dead. I saw her die I watched her die and I didn’t do anything.” Lawrence then reveals that he knew June had something to do with his wife’s death.

Despite this, Commander Lawrence continues to work to bring about positive change in Gilead, and Eleanor is his inspiration. “There are two things I always think about. First of all, his love for Eleanor was genuine,” Bradley Whitford told Entertainment Weekly of his character.

“And then, right after I got that role, there was a guy, Robert McNamara. He was Secretary of Defense and escalated the Vietnam War, and a brilliant economist who streamlined auto production in the United States and then used the same ideas to incinerate about a million people on the other side of the planet,” Whitford continued.

“He’s one of those guys I always thought Lawrence was, someone whose huge brain erases his humanity. [Now] I think Lawrence feels like he has an opportunity – and it can be naïve or misguided – on a path of redemption that has to do with Eleanor, and I think it’s an interesting discussion in the world of The story of the maid.”

Still, Lawrence finds himself in a sticky situation. In Gilead, a single man at the helm is frowned upon. This leads Larence to propose a marriage between himself and Naimi Putnam, whose wife Warren was executed.

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