Tuesday, June 28, 2022

“The Great Giveback with Melissa McCarthy and Jenna Perusich” on HGTV: How Jenna Perusich combines her passions

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Perusich combines her two passions – acting and design – on HGTV’s upcoming makeover show, The Great Giveback with Melissa McCarthy and Jenna Perusich.

Jenna Perusich, who worked with the Property Brothers on Celebrity IOU to rebuild her parents’ home, is now co-hosting her own HGTV makeover show with her cousin, actress Melissa McCarthy. The promising actress is thrilled to be able to combine her passions for design and acting in the upcoming show.

Jenna could move a sofa, roll up a rug, and remove all the clocks from the room! She and her cousin, actress and producer Melissa McCarthy have been giving design advice to their friends and family for over a decade. Now they’re preparing to share their creative know-how with deserving families with the premiere of their new makeover program, The Great Giveback With Melissa McCarthy and Jenna Perusich, which airs June 13, 2022 at 9:8c on HGTV becomes. According to HGTV, Jenna is not only a design expert and sweetheart, but also a smarty pant!


Why did Jenna move to Los Angeles?

After their first HGTV appearance in 2020, Jenna and Melissa were inspired to create their own show. McCarthy was chosen to nominate a loved one for a home makeover on Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott’s star-studded series Celebrity IOU. She asked Perusich for suggestions. They chose Perusich’s parents, who are former Chicago police officers. The new HGTV programming is a natural progression of what they have been doing for years, only now they have the opportunity to push boundaries and learn new things while having a front row seat to changing lives.

Jenna moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Columbia College in Chicago, where she studied acting. She studied at Groundlings Theater & School after moving to the West Coast and has been clogging her IMDb page ever since. In a recent interview, she stated that she was thrilled to be able to combine her two passions – acting and design – on the new HGTV show. In 2013, she made her screen debut in an episode of her cousin’s series Mike & Molly. She has worked on a variety of projects of various sizes over the years. She was last seen in another McCarthy film called Thunder Force.

Melissa McCarthy’s father and Jenna’s mother came from a family of ten children, with McCarthy’s father being the third eldest sibling and Jenna’s mother being the youngest. McCarthy and Jenna are 18 years apart, so they didn’t grow up together. After Jenna moved to Los Angeles, McCarthy became her mentor and provided her with invaluable career advice and direction. McCarthy suggested that if Jenna wanted to act, she should come and experience what it was like on set. It took about three seconds for them to fully connect through the waist.

According to Jenna, Jenna and her cousin Melissa are both A+ students and perfectionists. Jonathan and Drew Scott both come from the same boat. If they want to achieve something, they will do it well and with all their heart. Still, they don’t take themselves too seriously and know how to have fun. That’s what the cousins ​​want to achieve with their new show.

Jenna is a renter, so she’s always thinking about how to update her style without making major changes. Jenna and Melissa attached a track to a bedroom ceiling and then draped a wall-to-wall curtain to hide a window in one of their show’s episodes. The curtain added drama, color and texture to the room. Jenna can’t retile the bathroom or strip the floor in her house, but she can put up a curtain – and because it’s removable, she can take it with her when she moves! Jenna likes to break the norm by combining old and new, modern and antique, organic and industrial. She admires people who go all out with their design. “If you love color, give it a try, or if you love art, put it on every wall,” advises Jenna. She’s always been drawn to people who aren’t afraid to draw a stripe on a wall and see what happens.

How passionate is Jenna when it comes to design?

She also doesn’t like throwing things away. Jenna thinks that like fashion, it comes full circle, albeit freshly or unexpectedly. She might not like ’80s mallard decor, but it could work perfectly in a library room makeover. Jenna, a soon-to-be first-time buyer, has her heart set on buying a Mediterranean-style Spanish property. She is drawn to Spanish architecture, colors and textures such as arches and rounded corners, napped fabrics and brutalist hues.

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