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The Family Chantel season 4: Pedro criticizes that he has “more chemistry” with his colleague than with Chantel

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She feels sorry for Chantel’s fans as she feels alienated from her husband Pedro, his buddies at work and especially a woman named Antonella

Pedro as a real estate agent for Chantel meant he would work from home more. The spouse of ‘The Family Chantel’ castmate has instead messed up her expectations as he works in the office six days a week. He spends less time at home and more time at work. Chantel also claims he doesn’t tell her much about his job. But he makes a lot of new friends. And he spends most of his time with them.

Pedro Jimeno’s new acquaintances have ‘The Family Chantel’ star Chantel Everett worrying about being replaced. Fans believe he needs to grow and recognize the difference between “friends” and “colleagues.”


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Pedro gets to know a new colleague better

Pedro has discovered something that excites him, says Chantel. However, she believes that he no longer treats her in the same way. So much so that she feels that maybe her husband doesn’t even like her and that they are no longer friends. Pedro, on the other hand, loves his job. This member of The Family Chantel cast claims to be quite wealthy. He even enjoys his time with his colleagues. “They’re very good,” he says. Its staff are also fluent in Spanish. So he can easily communicate with them.

Recently, viewers saw Pedro working with a new woman, Antonella. They began to work at the workplace at the same time. As a result, they were made partners by their superior. They conduct house tours, meet potential customers and go to construction sites together. He even considers them close friends. Pedro often stays with Antonella after hours to work and learn more about the company. In fact, the ‘The Family Chantel’ reality star hopes to one day start his own brokerage firm. He and Antonella even tease each other about being partners and starting a joint venture.

Antonella is all praise for Pedro. She says he is a wonderful person and a true professional. “He’s a go-getter,” she says, and “very humble.” They constantly try to push each other to do better while working together. He is also always ready to help her when she needs it.

Now, fans are siding with Chantel as well, as they seem to be observing that Pedro appears happier with his peers than his wife, according to fans. One of them wrote on Twitter: “Pedro is smiling so much around his new work friends. I’ve never seen him so happy. #thefamilychantel.”

Noting the chemistry between the colleagues, one fan tweeted: “Shocked Pedro has more chemistry with his colleague than he does with Chantel! #TheFamilyChantel”

Pedro Jimeno now has friends in the United States. And he claims that Chantel Everett thinks they’re pushing her out. But he assures her that is not the case. He would even welcome her to a night out with him and his buddies. Still, he believes she won’t try. Pedro is aware that Chantel will not approach his buddies. The ‘The Family Chantel’ star claims she’s not looking to mend her connection with his mother, sister or anyone else. As a result, he knows she won’t try to form connections with some of his buddies. Pedro, on the other hand, invites Chantel Everett over with his buddies. However, he claims that she doesn’t like his buddies. She tells him that she doesn’t feel comfortable with them. She also stated that she didn’t want to spend any time with them.

Fans felt Pedro didn’t understand the difference between co-workers and friends as they tweeted, “Seems nobody has taught Pedro the difference between the English words for ’employee’ and for ‘friends’ #theFamilyChantel”

Another fan tweeted: “Smh nah Pedro you’re out of line. Your work friends are work friends…they shouldn’t make your wife feel like they’ve been replaced. #thefamilychantel.”

One fan suggests Pedro should try harder if he wants his wife to like his friends. The fan tweeted, “OK Pedro you should make Chantel feel like your new friends aren’t taking her place and show her that #TheFamilyChantel”

Fearing it would jeopardize his marriage, another fan wrote: “Pedro better not let these ‘colleagues’ interfere with his marriage #TheFamilyChantel”

One fan agrees with Chantel as they write, “Um, yes Pedro, your colleagues are taking Chantel’s place. #TheFamilyChantel.”

Stay tuned to see what happens next in new episodes of The Family Chantel, every Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT, only on TLC.

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