Sunday, October 17, 2021

‘The Family Chantel’ Season 3 Fan Review: This Family Is ‘Toxic and Full of Drama’

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Family drama, relationship skirmishes, fights, and abusive families do not cover any of the harms on this reality show

Let’s start with all of the chaos that went down in this episode. Chantel Everett graduated from medical school after 10 years and became a nurse. Soon after, Chantel and Pedro Jimeno argue over how much she’ll make from it. Elsewhere, Pedro’s sister Nicole and her mother have an explosive argument about their still-married friend Alejandro and Royal Everett, who disappeared after their marriage to his wife. Needless to say, the hour-long premiere episode of the third season of ‘The Family Chantel’ was full of drama.

We see that Chantel is excited to finally graduate. Her mother Karen is overjoyed and plans a full-fledged party to celebrate her graduation. When Chantel doesn’t hear enough about her school days, Pedro asks her directly if she’s going to make the big bucks just so he can take it easy. Meanwhile, Chantel’s sister Winter brings her boyfriend Jah to the party while the air sucks with awkwardness after the Chantel family hears about his child. Meanwhile, Chantel’s brother Royal and wife Angenette flee after their marriage and decide to stay forever after briefly meeting each other online. A very embarrassing incident of each other’s family being verbally abused while the Chantels were flying to the Philippines, and we are clearly not over that episode yet.


Chantel’s little sister, Winter Everett, even starred in “90 Day Fiance”. Winter has been with her boyfriend Jah for five years. Ironically, it’s a long time not knowing anything about a child that you have and are raising yourself. Both Karen (Chantel’s mother) and Chantel himself pull out verified documents to track down Jah, who is obviously speechless. When Winter sees all of this, his heart is broken, asks Jah and leaves the room, only to turn up with said lover to her sister’s intimate graduation party for the family.

After watching the episode, fans couldn’t stop talking about Karen, one fan said, “Karen is such a fitting name for Chantel’s mother”. Another said, “Karen really showed up at the king’s house with a damn flashlight #TheFamilyChantel”. A fan tweeted: “The families of Chantel and Pedro are natural talents in front of the camera and seriously love this fame # 90dayfiance #thefamilychantel”. Another said: “Cry laughingly at Nicole’s mother who said Alejandro showed up at her house and looked like an iguana with ripped jeans and hair pinned up #thefamilychantel”. “It looks like #thefamilychantel is going to be a good season, Alejandro’s hairstyle hasn’t improved, even Iguanas take better care of their Doooo than Alejandro. By the way, we HAVE to see this garbage Coraima, she’s just a friend of Nicole. Us really don’t have to see them, “tweeted one fan.

More disgruntled viewers said no new season of the TLC show was needed when they tweeted, “Why is there another season of the family chant … this family is toxic and all drama.”

‘The Family Chantel’ Season 3 airs every Monday at 8 p.m. ET / PT on TLC.

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