Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The ex-producers of Dr. Mehmet Oz avoid him as he attempts to restart his TV career after losing the Senate race

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while dr Mehmet Oz impressed executives at Fox News and Newsmax, the networks have yet to make any concrete offers

Oz was desperate for a comeback on the television platform after losing his race to Democratic rival John Fetterman. according to a report by RadarOnline. Oz received 2.4 million votes while Fetterman received 2.7 million. And while the former political candidate is trying to restart his career with big TV appearances, it seems he’s only being offered cameo roles.

PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES: The former producers of Dr. Mehmet Oz, with whom he has worked on his long-running talk show, reportedly showed him the goal after the American TV host failed his candidacy for the US Senate in Pennsylvania.


Oprah Winfrey is leaving Dr. Mehmed Oz! Stumps for Dem John Fetterman in the crucial Pennsylvania Senate race

A source has confirmed that Oz’s political statements during the Senate election cost him a lot of money. “Nobody in the mainstream is going to touch him. You can’t alienate half your audience with a political stance and expect to gain an audience when you return to television,” the source told the outlet. And while Oz has impressed executives at Fox News and Newsmax, the networks have yet to make any concrete offers. However, the fitness writer returned in cameo roles on right-wing networks.

However, the TV host reportedly wants his own show back. “But it’s not what he wants. He wants a daily appearance. But it’s not going to happen,” the source said. “He’s hitting the bushes to revive his health-focused talk show and crawling to everyone he knows to give him a break, but he’s not making much progress,” they added.

According to the source, Oz’s self-observed behavior may be another reason his ex-producers are turning him down: “He can’t even talk to his ex-producers. dr Oz is a social creature who loves to hear himself talk, and it’s beginning to dawn on him that he’s just not wanted in Hollywood circles anymore.”

Oz’s talk show The Dr. Oz Show ran for almost 13 years from September 2009 to January 2022 before pulling the plug to launch his campaign. During his months campaigning, Oz’s questionable medical advice and political views were criticized, severely damaging his reputation.

Many critics have even come forward, accusing Oz’s run for the US Senate as opportunistic and self-serving, since he had no real connection to the Keystone State. They also claimed the longtime New Jersey resident bought properties in Pennsylvania in December 2021 as part of his political strategy.

Oz’s political campaign took a serious blow when one of his old friends, Oprah Winfrey, openly sided with Fetterman just days before the election.

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