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‘The Crown’: Sarah Ferguson once said the toe-sucking scandal really was a ‘Cinderella’ moment

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A royal scandal erupted when pictures emerged of Sarah Ferguson in love with a man other than her then-husband, Prince Andrew. But she claimed what many viewers took to be a picture of her so-called financial adviser sucking her toes was a “Cinderella” moment.

As these images hit newsstands, the press created a narrative the truth of which the parties involved denied. But the transgression and the story that made the headlines was memorable enough to be mentioned The crown.

Prince Andrew married Ferguson in a lavish ceremony in 1986. They announced their split in March 1992, and scandal ensued when photographers captured them in a compromising position months later.

She was caught on camera with John Bryan, her alleged financial adviser, and some of the images showed him showering her feet with attention. From the pictures, many observers thought he was sucking her toes.

Ferguson was at Balmoral Castle visiting Queen Elizabeth II when the photos emerged. But she quickly departed with her children and nanny when the news broke (according to the Mirror).

While Prince Andrew and Ferguson eventually divorced in 1996, she said the photos scandal wasn’t the only trigger. “What I got wasn’t the man,” she explained after their marriage ended (The Mirror). “I got the palace and he didn’t.”

Despite the press having a big day with the photos and even Princess Diana reportedly having thoughts, Bryan and Ferguson denied they showed what so many people believed of them. They insisted that he kiss the tip of her foot.

“He pretended to try the slipper on my foot and I was Cinderella,” she once explained (per Express). “And I said, ‘Oh, ha, ha, that doesn’t add up, because you’re not the prince.'”

Ferguson reflected on the events in her memoir, My story“The shot that caused the most excitement – the one that would define me for years to come – featured John [Bryan] planted his mouth on my foot. Toe Sucking! was the tabloid chorus, and you could almost hear the grown men giggling.”

Echoing the fairy tale claim, she wrote, “John and I were actually playing Cinderella when the picture was taken.”

“The whole scene wasn’t nearly as intense as it was supposed to be,” she pointed out.

This annotation in royal family history keeps popping up, and it’s even touched on in Netflix’s fifth season The crown. Dubbed the “Fergie Foot Job,” it became part of Queen Elizabeth II’s famous “Annus Horribilis,” the year of the tragedy (per Newsweek).

Ferguson eventually shared suspicions of a possible conspiracy against her involving people close to the royal family My story. She wrote that she thought courtiers at the company “collaborated with the press by leaking details [her] Whereabouts”, leading to the photos.

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