Tuesday, September 20, 2022

‘The Cleaning Lady’ star Oliver Hudson reveals how he was stranded in New Mexico until DOT Angel arrived

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‘The Cleaning Lady’ star Oliver Hudson got into trouble when his car ran out of gas and then this happened

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO: “The Cleaning Lady” star Oliver Hudson couldn’t stop praising the New Mexico Department of Transportation for helping him when he needed it most. Hudson, who plays the role of FBI agent Garrett Miller on FOX’s The Cleaning Lady, found himself in an awkward position when he learned his car ran out of gas as he headed to the Set of the above mentioned TV made a show.

It seems, however, that Hudson had luck on his side. The actor went on to share his experience of getting help from the New Mexico Department of Transportation while filming his new TV show in the state. During an appearance on the CBS show The Talk, Hudson revealed that “interesting things were happening” as he got out of his car on the freeway. He noticed that a guy in uniform went to his car, put gas in the car and left without even asking for any money.


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“I ran out of gas on the Autobahn, over on the hard shoulder, but then something interesting happened. I’ve run out of gas [asks the driver] who are you? He says: “one second”, [and] fill my car with gas and go,” Hudson said during the discussion (via KRQE).

It was later revealed that the giant yellow trucks cruising through Albuquerque are actually part of the New Mexico Department of Transportation’s Courtesy Patrol program, which helps needy drivers on the subway’s I-25 and I-40 routes . The DOT’s official website states that the program’s primary function is to provide an “efficient response to the elimination or elimination of freeway incidents that impede the flow of traffic along freeway and expressway systems.”

KRQE’s report also notes that the courtesy patrol program can help “80 to 300 motorists” in a week.

Hudson will reprise his role as Garrett Miller in Season 2 of The Cleaning Lady, which airs September 19 on FOX. In Season 1, Miller was after Thony to bring Arman down, but in Season 2 Thony would seek Miller’s help to find her son who was taken away from his father Marco.

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