Thursday, January 19, 2023

The Circle Season 5 winner said it was “perfect” when Chaos Unfolded showed up for his game

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There was a lot of drama and strategy The circle Season 5. But only one person can win. The winner revealed what most likely led to his success.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Circle Season 5 Episode 13, “Finale.”]

The finale started with Chaz Lawery having the power to block one last person from the circle. He chose newcomer Oliver Twixt because he wasn’t sure about flirting with him for an alliance and he didn’t say he was engaged.

The cast had to fit in and meet one last time. Everyone was shocked to find out that Xanthi Perdikomatis and Brett Robinson worked together to play Jennifer and Tamira was actually Tasia Lesley.

The episode revealed the final rankings. Brett and Xanthi were fifth, Tasia fourth, Raven third, Chaz second and Sam first. This was surprising given that Chaz was an influencer four times and Sam started the season at the bottom of the rankings.

Alliances, love triangles, and a hacker twist shook some people’s games. Sam revealed if there was a strategy in her game to pull through.

“Transparency moment: I had no idea what I was doing. It was just like my eyeliner – I winged it. Everyone else was like, ‘I’m going to write this down and do the math,’ and I’m just here like, ‘Um… I like butterflies,'” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I didn’t want to get into the game and build a reputation for being a person who thrives on wickedness or shadyness.”

But there’s one thing she believes has led to her success. “Keeping myself far away from the chaos and drama kept me in the game longer,” she said. “If you don’t lose any feathers, just stay on the cut and mind your own business. As all the love triangles and shenanigans chaos unfolded, I was like, ‘This has nothing to do with me. This is perfect. I like this.'”

Brett and Xanathi managed to trick Sam by hacking Chaz’s profile and chatting with her. Sam found out it was Jennifer because she was the only one who knew they called each other husband and wife. But shockingly, she and Raven didn’t block them.

“All I saw was red,” Sam told Entertainment Weekly. “I wanted Jennifer to come out. I didn’t care if Marvin was with every single person, including Tom, Marvin could stay. Betrayal is not taken lightly in my world.”

“And when I get on the influencer chat with Raven and hear her reasoning, because I’m so big hearted, I love my sister, ‘You want to get rid of him? No problem, whatever you want to do,'” the New Yorker admitted. “I’m willing to put my feelings aside to make sure my boyfriend is okay, so I had to eat him.” Fortunately, that block didn’t backfire and she ended up winning.

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