Monday, June 27, 2022

The Circle Season 4: Hot texts are exchanged as catfish try to forge solid alliances

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In week three of The Circle, the flirting game is stronger than ever

Netflix’s The Circle returns this week with brand new episodes. Each episode brings new twists and turns for the contestants, leading to considerable chaos and even more drama. If some participants play themselves and others as “catfish”, who will be heartbroken and who will manage to secure their position in the game?

Contestants are good at forging strong in-game alliances, with some wanting a little more on the side. Yu Ling, a 25-year-old marketing consultant from San Francisco, has been flirting with Nathan, newcomer Alex Brizard’s catfish profile, since trying to figure out if Nathan is the profile the Spice Girls are using to confuse the other contestants. When the Spice Girls revealed that they were behind the “Jared” profile, the possibility that Nathan could be a possible catfish completely vanished from Yu Ling’s mind. Yu Ling decides to try the flirting game between her and Nathan again after having a private chat with the other girls in the group.


Alex is actually a commercial banker from Scottsdale, Arizona who came into play as Wels Nathan, a 22-year-old lad fresh out of college. Yu Ling had confessed in a previous episode: “Nathan is younger than me, you know, but we could definitely flirt with Nathan. Just say ‘Hi! I’d flirt with Nathan if that would get him on my side.” Her courtship was always evident when she spoke of “hell’s blush” and nicknamed him “a snack” and “crazy cute.” He understood that she was interested in Nathan’s profile and flirted back to seek her friendship.

In a confessional he said: “Hahaha… I feel like an evil genius. nikki [his girlfriend] If you see this, don’t kill me. It’s about the money…it’s all about the money.” Although Yu Ling was sure Nathan wasn’t a member of the Spice Girls, she believed his profile and mistook him for a real boy who was flirting with her, taking things to the next level by sending each other “hot” pictures of themselves. Yu Ling, believing that Nathan is a young man who is genuinely interested in her, is surprised. Nathan, on the other hand, is doing quite well Well, because his attempt at Yu Ling’s Gaining trust was a complete success. After spending the night courting each other, they were quickly showered with another ranked match, followed by an elimination round in which one contestant was ‘blocked’. Surprisingly, the flirting worked well for Nathan since Yu Ling was finally one of the influencers who finally saved Nathan!

However, Yu Ling and Nathan aren’t the only ones flirting with each other over private chats. Trevor, aka Imani, seeks an alliance with Eversen, who is always cheerful. According to Imani, a girl like her would have feelings for a guy like Eversen. To protect her cover and forge a solid alliance along the way, Imani engages in heated interactions with Eversen, who in turn is madly in love with Imani. We can only expect things to go well for Imani (catfish) when things have gone well for Nathan (another catfish).

New episodes of The Circle Season 4 are released every Wednesday exclusively on Netflix

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