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The Circle: Are Raven and Marvin Dating?

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Netflix labeled the latest season of The circle as The Circle: Singles, so inevitably there was flirting and romance in the chats. The strongest bond seemed to be between Raven Sutton and Marvin Achi – that all changed when a new girl came into the picture. But Raven and Marvin resolved their differences afterwards The circle Season 5 finale?

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Circle Season 5 Episode 13, “Finale.”]

Marvin tried to have his cake while also trying to eat it The circle Season 5 but he bonded with Raven first. They were among the first eight players to enter the game and were immediately drawn to one another. Raven and Marvin would rate each other highly early on in the competition. And they kept flirting during their private chats.

But when “Tamira,” aka Tasia Lesley, stepped in The circle In episode 5, Marvin’s eyes wandered from Raven to the new girl. Tamira targeted Marvin as she believed his profile made him easy to flirt and manipulate. And she was right. Marvin started exchanging heated messages with Tamira and things escalated when they went on a date.

Tamira later formed a group chat with Raven and Sam Carmona to “spill the tea” over her date with Marvin, unaware that he and Raven had a connection. They compared grades and found Marvin playing them and later called out his behavior. Marvin eventually apologized to Raven and Tamira, although he was more determined to make things right with his original.Circle Queen.”

However, Marvin’s efforts were not enough and Raven and Sam blocked him for the series. Marvin visited Raven before leaving and apologized again. They seemed to be leaving things on good terms, but there was no promise of what the future held for them.

During the finals, Raven took third place and Sam won the grand prize of $100,000. But where are Raven and Marvin after filming? The circle Season 5?

After Sam was crowned the winner of The circle In season 5, the cast members mingled and celebrated their season. And a conversation between Raven and Marvin raised hope for their future.

Marvin said: “I really screwed it up The circle.” Raven replied, “You want to fix it? You can fix it.”

So maybe they were trying to further their romantic connection in the real world. But with filming ending in fall 2021, a lot could have happened since then. And based on social media, Raven and Marvin don’t appear to be in a relationship. However, they follow each other on Instagram.

After the finale, Raven told E! News: “I love Marvin. I mean this is my nigerian king. He will always be my Nigerian king. So we are good. We’re still good. I’ll leave it at that.”

Raven and Marvin may have agreed to remain friends after meeting The circle. But only time will tell if anything else blooms in their relationship.

During an interview with Parade, Raven mentioned that Marvin “did a lot to earn my forgiveness” afterwards. The circle completed. But she didn’t elaborate further.

Raven also spoke about her game and third place. She shared: “When I stood there at the finale and saw the number three before they even revealed who the person was, I already felt like I knew my picture was going to come up. My intuition told me. And when they saw it, when I saw my face, I was like, ‘Yeah, I knew.'”

Raven continued, “But really, my goal was just to be on the show. Because I’m a big fan again. And I wanted to represent the deaf community. I kept that in mind as I played the game. I thought, ‘I want to make it to the end. I definitely don’t want to be blocked. It’s my goal to make it to the couch, to make it to the end.’”

“And that’s how I achieved that goal,” she concluded. “And it wasn’t easy to see me in third place. But I mean I could have finished fifth; I could have been fourth. But Top Drei, listen, I’m happy about that. I’m totally happy with it.

The circle Season 5 is available to stream on Netflix. And the streaming service has yet to announce if The circle is extended or cancelled.

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